From Seafaring…to the world of Virtual Careers

As a kid, I’ve always thought of what I wanted to be when I grow up. I looked up to businessmen, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals who seemed to be living great lives, earning lots of money and having lots of material things. Yes, I was a kid then. And I wasn’t aware that these thoughts were already conditioning my mind.


As my fourth year in high school was coming to an end, I was choosing between two courses; HRM or BSMT (Marine Transportation). I always told others that I was not following my father’s footsteps (He’s a seafarer too) and that this is my own choice. Later on in life, I discovered about psychology and denial and other interesting things about human behaviour. 


I only took one entrance exam; that is, from a maritime academy in Canlubang Laguna. If I hadn’t passed that entrance exam, I was not really sure where I’d go for college, haha!

So yes, I got in there, and that was the start of three long years in the academy. My biggest motivation was the promise of a big monthly pay, at the expense of being at the sea, away from your loved ones. I didn’t think much about it at that time. I was young and naive, and wanted lots of money, fast. 


I finished my schooling and my apprenticeship, my trainings, and finally, my license. Wow, I was really going to be a seafarer, and earn lots of money.

Yes! Have graduated already!

In the beginning, it was very exciting. You know, flying in the airplane, asking the FA for this and that, and if I’m lucky, I get to stay at a hotel before going to the ship. It was scary, it was exciting and it was fun too. My dream of earning 6 figures in pesos was now a reality. Congratulations!

Standing on the bridge wings; I was a seafarer with a sunset behind me (seaman feels)

As contracts passed by though, I started to feel a longing inside of me. A longing to be at land, and not have to worry about coming back to the sea. Why? I found out early in my career that this is NOT what I really want. I just went in for the money. But really, how far can that take me?

A photo taken while I was duty on a container ship. Behind me are two yachts 🙂

I hated the monotonous routine in the ship. I hated the swells and waves that gave me hard times, day and night. I hated the colleagues who where out of whack (wala sa ayos). I hated having to answer to superiors who only cared about their own names. I hated the standby hours in the middle of the night or early morning, keeping our eyes open for operations because we had no choice. And above it all, I hated that I was missing out so much on my family and loved ones. Yes, I was supporting them financially, but, isn’t there any other way around?


Back then, I’ve already heard of people making money from the internet. Like paid surveys, and stuff. I didn’t really believe in them. My mind was saying “scam”. But I’ve also heard of online marketing and freelancing. It didn’t rouse my curiosity though.

Now, online marketing and freelancing is becoming more and more prevalent in our digitally dependent world. Yes, everybody has facebook. Almost everybody. Anyone who had a smartphone had a voice. And all the while that I was seafaring, people were already making money from the internet.

I made this poster using CANVA. Lotsa fun 🙂

I now believe in that. (as you can see, I’m making a post in a site, hehe). And I’m spending a lot of time to learn this craft. And let’s not forget the resources spent on trainings and skill upgrades. 

I’m really thankful for the transformation that I’m undergoing. From an employee, to a business mindset. Thankful too to the new breed of positive and entrepreneurial people that I’ve met along the way. Great mentors and coaches, books and podcasts, I’m consuming them all. And I’m working on my execution part too! That’s where it gets gritty.

Learn. Execute. Learn. Execute. Fail. Learn. Succeed! This is how it’s done 🙂

I’m excited to learn more and apply more. So that ultimately, I don’t have to work anymore, without having to worry whether I can afford to or not.  

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