Fun Things to do in Baguio on your Budget



1.Bike, or ride a swan at Burnham Park

Yes, visiting Burnham Park is still fun to do! This area is thriving of locals so if you don’t want to fight with the crowd go here on weekdays. The great thing about Burnham Park is the myriad of things you can do without paying a single centavo. Some activities require you to pay, but not as expensive as other attractions in Baguio.   

2. Get a view of Baguio at Mines View Park

Tourists visit this place to take photos of the scenic view, shop locals goods and take photos with “Doglas” the famous St. Bernard dog hanging around the area.  One of the main reason why you visited Mines View Park is to view the mines, honestly however, i cannot determine which ones are the mines. But the scenery is tr  by a friend or if you are lucky the person who rents out the costume. You can even try your luck with the Wishing Well, buy souvenirs,  streetfood fest and take photos.

3. Pick fresh strawberries at La Trinidad Strawberry Fields

One activity that is highly recommended  is strawberry picking at the Strawberry Farm in the nearby La Trinidad, Benguet. A unique experience for the whole family, you get to pick fresh strawberries — right alongside the Ibaloi farmers — to bring home or consume while on vacation in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.


4. Harrison Midight Ukay-ukay

The word “ukay-ukay” is a play on the aphaeresis of the Filipino word “halukay” which literally means to “dig sloppily”, because digging sloppily is what is best implied to be done to the mountain-like piles of pre-owned clothes, toys, bags, and shoes being sold for dirt-cheap that make up the exciting experience that ukay-ukay is known for.

Any ultimate ukay-ukay pilgrimage made in Baguio City should always end with the Harrison Night Market. Every evening at 8:30 PM, one section of Harrison Street will start to be closed off to motorists so that vendors can start displaying their ware for hundreds upon thousands of potential customers to see. The strip is around 600 meters long and a wide range of brand new and secondhand products can be found here– just be very patient with searching the racks and you’ll be sure to find your new favorite apparel!

5. Buy pasalubong and fresh goods at Baguio City Public Market

Maybe you are wondering what is special about the Baguio public market. Well, it is just like any other markets in the Philippines. It has dry and wet sections, and you can find in there almost anything you need to buy from food to shoes.

Your visit to the ‘City of Pines’ will not be complete without touring around their public market. Therefore, you better include that in your list of tourist spots to visit….

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