Gender Disparities in Today’s Modern World

When a woman speaks, women and children listen. When a man speaks, everybody listens. Gender disparities began in the earliest period of human life; hence, the stereotype of man-over-woman rule remained for long, tedious centuries. A woman was not acknowledged to have a strong sense of accountability or obligation, yet her loyalty and honesty were all then that matters. The inequality is not a paradox situation as the world regarded man as the strongest being in the physical aspect. On the other side, a woman may not be as powerful as the man, but having a positive state of mind would make her become one. The pursuit of equality of a man and a woman prevails even though the world kept holding onto the fact that a man is more powerful and more decisive.

Today, the diversity of the past and present gave a global impact, and it is the endless concern of every human being. The history of gender inequality is significant as this is the core of what people will have in the future. Though most people observed the analysis of having a balance between male and female, many people do still believe in the traditional custom. What people have now is a slow progression of gender equity and indiscrimination. Careers like politics, military, aeronautics, science, entrepreneurship, and engineering were men-dominated, but that was before. These are the kind of professions most women want nowadays, and still, a lot of men think women would only adapt to the same principles as men’s. Women of today are wiser, smarter, and even more competent. The reason is that they wanted to be open to critiques, and this way they can improve their abilities so they could have outstanding contributions to the world.

Nobel prizes are won mostly by men. A quarter of this is achieved by women, and most of these prizes are won in line with Peace and Literature. Nobel committee members have standards to determine who has an exceptional contribution to society and choosing the right person has to be based on their criteria and not about gender. The committee doesn’t have to look on one side but the quality of work of both sides so there will be an honest and fair presentation. In science, it is apparent that the Nobel committees chose men as winners probably because they had remarkably high-quality works or more men became nominees for Nobel prize in science for a greater chance to win.

Like men, women have good working and thinking ability which is why there was a woman who won multiple Nobel prizes in science in the early 19th century. A woman’s reasoning ability is different from men. Women can adapt to change and go with the flow even when under pressure. Once settled, they can recommence their new idea or plan and ensure no barriers can hinder to meet their goal.

It is important to recognize one’s ability and this is where the Nobel committees should focus. Winning the prize should be about how a person gave distinguished contributions to the world, and it is not about gender. The reason why this world is moving up at a slow pace, it is because there are people who still refused to accept that the economy of every nation can be better if people embrace gender equity and acknowledge the good deeds and work quality of women. A Nobel prize winner is nothing if the Nobel committees draw a line between a man and a woman. If people continue to accept gender imbalance, our world’s progress slows down even more. We need to learn that gender inequality doesn’t help; it burrows the hope for future breakthroughs.

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