Getting Adjusted by a Chiropractor

Not too long ago, chiropractic care has been been a practice that is not conventionally heard among the typical Juan Dela Cruz. But through the help of social media, youtube and personal testimonies from blogs, chiropractic care is now being introduced to the Philippine public as an alternative measure to alleviate pain within the spine and overall improvement of the nervous system.

I was one of the individuals who saw a trending video from Buzzfeed about chiropractic care wherein the people who experienced the chiropractor who gave them adjustments said that they felt much better and feel like they have better posture right after one adjustment. This intrigued me as I have been diagnosed with mild scoliosis with 10 degree angle shifting to the right side of my body. While I did have physical therapy previously, for my experience, it was not able to alleviate the pain that I felt through my body. Learning about chiropractic care then gave me an alternative option.

I decided to do a little more research. This lead me to a video of a chiropractor from Australia, named Dr. Ian, who helped a 17 year old regain his posture after an incident that left his back completely hunched over. Amazed, I said to myself that it is time for me to see a chiropractor.


From hunched back to proper posture.


Soon after, I found myself scheduling a check-up appointment in a chiropractic clinic at Fort Bonifacio. When I got my back checked, I was amazed at how my chiropractor was able to determine the specific areas on my back that caused me to feel pain by simple inspection. He noted that my upper back (cervical spine) and lower back (lumbar spine) were the two areas that are in need of utmost care, the very areas of tension from my scoliosis.


Chiropractors use nervo scopes to detect tender areas through measuring heat differences along the spine.


I was requested to bring a digitalized copy of an x-ray of my spine for my chiropractor to have a proper analysis of the kind of treatment that I needed which he will apply on my next visit. This became a great source of assurance for me, as a patient, that this man is not simply going to “crack my back”. For me, it was a realization that there is indeed a scientific method to chiropractic care.


A photo of my spine’s X-ray


The day came for my very first adjustment and the staff gave me a short educational video before seeing my chiropractor. The video was about how the entire nervous system is protected by our spine. It explained in detail how a misalignment in the spine causes irritation to the nerves thereby sending messages to our brain that we are in pain. Right at the moment, I realized why my previous physical therapy experience was not as effective. To fully free myself from the pain I feel, I have to address the root of the problem within my bones.

When I got through my first adjustment, I felt no pain at all despite hearing a satisfying “crack” from my back. What I did feel was relief and a rush from my right hip all the way down to my right foot. It felt really good.

Today, I still am on my healing journey with my chiropractor, as the goal of my treatment is to decrease the curving on my spine into a much better alignment. I am incredibly thankful to have learned about chiropractics the way I did through the internet. Had I not taken the chance to invest my time into researching about the practice and listening to testimonials, I would not have made the decision to go and get adjusted myself.

Are you considering whether or not you should go and get adjusted by a chiropractor? My advise is to do your own personal research on your condition just as much as you do your own research about chiropractic care. A simple search on Google about who are the types of people that can benefit from seeing a chiropractor is a simple click away! It is also wise to consider the expertise background of the chiropractor that you are eyeing out. At the end of the day, the spine has a deep connection with our nervous system, and you want the person handling your spine to treat it with the utmost care that it deserves.

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