Hidden Reality of Motherhood

Being a mother is reasonably the wearisome, most fulfilling career a woman will ever experience. In fact, I could not even define the word mother because we all know that the meaning is basically immeasurable.

“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth”.- Mitch Albon

                “Mother, the light of the home” is a popular saying in my country (Philippines). As she devotes time and venture in her children’s lives to make sure their children is provided with wisdom, talent and skills to make it as capable and loving human being.

                As a first teacher, teaching a child will put a lot of effort because your child will test your patience. Introducing the kids to the rules and responsibilities of life that will help them figure out their goals and values in life might be challenging, as kids may have different thoughts, opinions and values. The same goes in honing their capabilities that they might use in the future. However, whatever the choice is, she is supportive.

“The Beauty of Motherhood is not a certain capability but willingness to include”.-Sadhguru

                Therefore, a mother is a selfless, loving person who gives up things and plans for their kids but regret nothing, because no matter what they do and say, being a mother means you will adore your child unconditionally.  Being the light of home, a mother starts a seed of respect, care and love in her children’s heart who in turn share it to the others.

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