Hidden Surf Spot

Nature Surf

As a surfer we always dream for that glassy overhead waves, on a wide stretch of beach, no crowds and no wind. We dream of finding the perfect spot with the right surfing conditions.

I have been surf for more than 5 years and tried numerous surf spots from the famous commercialized surf spots of La Union and Baler to some hidden unknown beaches. Out of all these surf spots I have been to I can on say One is the best.

I will not mention the location of this Hidden paradise to preserve its beauty, but here are my five reasons why I rank it as the best surf spot I have been to.

  1. There is NO CROWD – it is literally a hidden paradise, there are no signs, no hotels, restaurants or even small inns at this location. You will only see nature with its raw beauty. (Be warned there are no toilets either =) )
  2. Emerald green Clear water – the joy of surfing in clear emerald waters is so satisfying. Its gives you the sense of inner peace.
  3. Fine white sand beach as far as the eye can see – the vastness of the beach can be mesmerizing complimented by the wild trees and bushes that provide you shelter from the sun while resting after a good days ride.
  4. Gentle by power full waves – this is probably the best feature of this beach. No where else I have experienced this kind of wave.
  5. Escape from everything – the remoteness of this location takes you on a different reality itself. You’ll forget about all your problems and clear away your worries, which will be replaced by inner peace.

Eventually people will find this place, but I’am happy to have experienced it on its raw state. I hope that everyone will be able to find their own secret paradise and be able to experience it in their lifetime.

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