House wife Depression

Posted by: Katrina Regina Angelada

There is a great extent of different kinds of depression.

Wives who are stayed-at-home whether by choice or by circumstances feel like a long-dead star being suck by a black hole while everyone else is twinkling like newborn stars at a pitch dark night sky. This nagging feeling of being worthless ensues a lot of insecurities.

      The husband is earning good money so you don’t have to work.

Portrait of a depressed housewife in the kitchen

The head of the family is providing you well with a lovely house, three times a day meal and clothes. You have your children that make you go around the house every day. You can say you are blessed to have all of the unsolicited things.  A pretty decent life that you would believe there’s nothing to complain about.

However, years passed of being inside the walls of your comfortable home, you may feel worthless and aimless. You’ll feel disconnected to the outside world. Your relationship with your husband is becoming poor not to mention your sexual relationship.

Where am I heading too?

At times like this, you are beginning to question the very existence of your being. Provided that you are graduated in some college degree, with equipped qualifications to work, you feel useless. Anyhow, house chores are manageable and the kids are all grown-ups and you fancy to put on your suit where you can rebuild yourself and find your potential again. You were once a career woman and worked hard to get the position you once had in the corporate world before.



But the husband disagrees.What to do?

Now is the moment when your husband is supposed to step up and provide you with support. However, it seems that this is not what is happening, though whether that is because he has tried and failed, or not tried at all, we do not know.

You can stay where you are and fill your days with something that has meaning for you e.g. develop a hobby, start a small business, continue your education with online courses, immerse yourself in charitable and/or religious activities.


Or you may want to pursue your volition on resuming your career at that comfort of your home! Nowadays, working-at-home moms are one of the burgeoning enterprises. You can do your job and take care of the household at the same time. You can have groups and friends by connecting with other WAHM on social media that have been in the same situation as you. You will be well-to-do at your craft or you can expand your horizon and be successful!


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