Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands

Heading to North this weekend? Why not include Alaminos City in your destination and I will tell you, you will not regret it. We have our famous Hundred Islands here.

Hundred Islands is one of the famous tourist spots in Pangasinan. It is located on the western area, in the City of Alaminos. It is composed of 123 islands located on the coast of Barangay Lucap of this City.

There’s a lot of activities everyone can enjoy here. The three main islands, Governor’s, Children’s, and Quezon Islands, has cottages where you can stay up to overnight. Its white sand and clear water will invite everyone to swim and enjoy the beach area. You can also do snorkeling to see the different varieties and colors of fish swims with you. In Governor’s Island, you can view the majestic scene of the whole islands from its view deck at the top of this island. 

Pilgrims may also visit the Pilgrimage Island where devotees climbs 263 steps to reach the 56-foot Christ the Savior Statue. You will pass the 14 stations of the cross first before reaching the top. Ideal place for reflections especially during Holy Week.

Other Island to explore are Marcos Island which has 20 foot cliff diving inside its cave, Bat Islands which of course has bats and, exploring caves in Cathedral Island and Quirino Island. Other islands also has white sand beach if you want to avoid crowds in the main islands.

Other activities to enjoy are ziplines, jetski, parasailing, helmet diving, and banana boat ride. Hundred Islands Tourism will also launch its new attraction, underwater cave diving.

There is really a lot to explore and enjoy in Hundred Islands. So Tag on your favorite buddy now, come and enjoy the beauty of our home, Alaminos City, The home of the Hundred Islands.

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