Hydroponics a Key to Healthy Life


Most vegetables in the market now a days are not safe to eat due to pesticide and fertilizer being applied to the plant just to harvest good and healthy looking plant but not known to the most consumers that this plant was grown thru application of pesticides and fertilizers.  

Hydroponics is a process of growing plant in a way of applying a complete water based nutrient solution that the plant needs from seeding stage to harvest. The plant will grow without soil, instead we will use rookwool, perlite, clay pellets and pet moss as our growing media. The system is applicable even for a small space in our house for as long as there is sunlight for at least 2 hours a day.


Growing with hydroponics can harvest 30 days from transplant, we just put the plant on the system that we are using and come back after 30 days for harvest. Your plants will grow bigger and faster because they will not have to work as hard to obtain nutrients. Even a small root system will provide the plant exactly what it needs, so the plant will focus more on growing upstairs instead of expanding the root system downstairs. The plant also consume small amount of water compared to the consumption of soiled system because in hydroponics all the water that we put is just enough for the plant needs to grow. The supplies materials used to set up the system are so cheap and can be sourced out from recyclable materials from the market. We could grow high-value vegetables such as lettuce, sweet pepper, cucumber, and celery for home consumption, from garden to table fresh vegetables available anytime.


The biggest factor for most people is that a quality hydroponics system of any size will cost more than its soil counterpart. Then again, dirt isn’t exactly expensive and you get what you pay for. A large scale hydroponics system can take a lot of time to setup if you aren’t the most experienced grower. Plus, managing your hydroponics system will take a lot of time as well.

Why Hydroponics?

If you want to grow the biggest, juiciest, yummiest plants you can possible imagine, then hydroponics is the right choice for you. It may seem intimidating at first with all the equipment and work involved, but it will all seem simple enough once you get the hang of the basics. Start small, keep it simple, and your hydroponic system will never cease to amaze!

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