I choose Freelancing

Freelancing my best choice.

My name is Yvette, I graduated as BSN student 9 years ago. I work as assistant nurse for 1 year, I admit our salary back then was horrible. I need to work 8 hours a day with a salary that cannot even compensate my traveling fee. I stayed for 1 year and after that I decided to work on a Call Center. At first, I have been having a hard time applying for the job until six times of failing the final interviews and exams; finally, I got the job and it is a non voice position. Staying with the company for 3 years has given me a lot of opportunities they trained me how to become a subject matter expert and an assistant to our Team Leaders. I was able to apply all of the things that they have thought me when I transfer to another Center for another 3 years.

I was very happy cause I can do all things that a normal single person can do. I eat, drink and travel a lot with my friends. I can go out and do shopping at the mall hours before my shift and many more. I can not blame myself because I always said that “You Only Live


Once”. Sometimes, doing that “YOLO” thing has some consequences and yes you got it right. My reliabilities suffer a lot, I have friends that has a different schedule than mine and they will be out partying without me, what will I do is I send a text message to my TL that I cannot make it to work. I have a very good performance when it comes to QA and CSATS; but when it comes to attendance I always fail.

When I got married 3years ago, my husband convince me to stay at home and take care of our child and I did agree with him. I feel that my child needs someone that can really take care of him. My husband has a lot of work and yet he is also trying to finish his study. I really want to help him and take care of my child as well. I already gave up my YOLO life for them and I need to do something to earn more from my family. I tried checking a lot of websites and facebook pages to see if there is anything that I can do like work, sell some stuffs etc. Then I  found Sir Jason’s VABootcamp, I try  to read all of the post and watch some facebook live videos. I also sent some emails and chats with the former students asking for assistant and what are the benefits enrolling to VABootcamp.


Some advised that was given to me is to be focus and modules and lessons here. You should be really dedicated on the work/assignment that has been given, this will also help you practice navigating the sites. If you failed just try again, there is a lot of room for errors but you really need to learn from that mistakes in order for you to proceed to the next step. Now, I am enjoying being a student at VABootcamp and I am hoping that I can graduate soon so that I can start looking for clients begin to work.




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