Improve Your Productivity with Colors

Pursuing a work-from-home job has some great perks like being able to spend more time with your family and being able to do more job-related or personal tasks with your time by the several hours and energy you save from commuting. Talk about the daily struggles people go through just to get to and get home from their jobs!

And yes! There are also some challenges from working remotely. One is because home is where we relax, play and rest. So sometimes, we easily get distracted, lose focus and thus, lose productivity. As workers, we put a great deal of efforts to go in the “work zone” in the comforts of our homes so we can finish tasks and meet deadlines. To improve focus and motivation, some create their own rituals such as doing regular exercises, reading books and meditating before working and some listen to music which improves concentration while working.

Another interesting way we can try to improve our productivity is designing our home office. And that is having a color scheme in our work area. Color psychology applied! Several studies show that colors can influence productivity of workers, depending on what kind of tasks they do. Here are some examples.

  1. Blue

Blue stimulates the mind. Strong blues clear thought and soft blues help in concentration and calming. It can slow heart rate and decrease appetite. Blue is perfect for those people who needs to accomplish complex tasks.

Seeing the blue sea.
  1. Green

Green is usually associated with nature and tranquility. Lighter shades of green can help ease anxiety and make people feel relaxed. It is a good color for people who work long hours. And it also does not cause eye fatigue.

As calm as the nature.
  1. Yellow

Yellow gives an optimistic and happy feel. It enhances creativity which keeps creative juices flowing. Yellow is suitable for people who works in the creative field such as design, writing and the likes.

Get energized!


  1. Red

Red is a bold and attention-grabbing color. It can increase heart rate and appetite. It gives the illusion that time is passing by faster than it is. If your job involves physical activity, then red is your productivity color.

Pumped with red!

Some may already have a designated office rooms in the house, but some may also just have an area where they can work. Occasionally, some even change spots depending on the availability of the space at home. We don’t need major renovations to try these colors out. We can use little accent pieces to achieve that overall effect.

So, what do you think is the perfect productivity color for you? Are you excited to try these out and do it your own style?

If you have tried these colors out, you can share your stories or pictures of office spaces in the comments sections below. We would love to hear how it worked for you!

To productivity and beyond! And to work-from-home success!

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