Have you ever wondered if women who love shopping so much can still save money?  
Yes there’s still hope. One of the simplest ways to save money is to delay gratification. That sure is the term.  This philosophy is the key to financial maturity.  So, when you’re out there shopping and you are about to make an impulse purchase/s, just simply delay it.  Put it off for 24 hours or even an hour if that’s all you can handle.  Giving yourself time to think helps you truly evaluate whether you want to make that purchase or not especially on expensive items that you don’t even need but wanted.  
And if you are an impulse buyer, there is a simple solution to it, why not take a friend/s with you when you go shopping?  Let him or her know your tendencies so that he/she can help strengthen your willpower to things before buying.  
So why not try this principle? It might just surprise you if it’ll work.
Have a meaningful shopping!

16 thoughts on “From Impulse Shopping to Impulse Savings

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