INERTIA DAY DREAMING: How I broke out of it.

Let’s define first what is an INERTIA DAYDREAMER. (This is not an official term that you can find on the Internet; this was just made up to describe a certain feeling.) When someone has a lot of hopes and dreams but never did anything to make it come true.

A day to day life of an inertia daydreamer could some scrolling through their phone looking at someone else’s Instagram account or binge-watching youtubers showing their newly bought house wishing that they have that kind of life but all that they do is just daydream about that life and do nothing to get that life.

If you fit into this category, don’t feel that bad because the author of this blog post had experienced it (the time period was 8 months after graduation).

Now how to break out of it?

The first step is recognition and forgiveness, it is a great sign to recognize that you might be an inertia daydreamer; it means you want to change that.

Forgiveness is key, you need to forgive yourself that you had let the time passed and that you wasted that precious resource (time) to work on your life.  If you didn’t forgive yourself during this process, you might hate yourself whenever you have flashbacks of your past (which you’ll certainly have) and that is counterproductive of what you are trying to do. This is about improving your life, not hating on it.

Now times running, you now have the mindset but you also need a reminder why you need to do this NOW.

Let’s look at this quote and ponder on it:


Time is evil and time is the most important resource in this world, nothing can replace it. Times that are wasted can never be paid by anything. (Well, in my opinion).

Changing right now is important since karma of past inertia daydreaming can creep up on you; your rent is running, your utilities are not getting any lower any time, and your hunger seems to be stronger by the minute.

Still not convinced to change? Look at this excerpt from an essay to move on to the second step:

“The ancestor to every action is thought. Our private beliefs and feelings determine our public behavior, so if we wish to change behavior we must first change hearts and minds.” – Ralph Waldo  Emerson, Essays, 1st Series, 1841.

This excerpt from an essay 178 years ago shows how constant the answer is to change yourself, first change your heart and your mind.  Mr. Emerson might’ve seen or been through something to believe this right?

You might be thinking, “it’s too late. I have wasted too many time to change now, there’s no turning back now.” Well, how many times have you heard the story where a man in his 60’s made billions first time in his life because the just grabbed that opportunity to flourish?

There’s a Chinese proverb that says:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

In other words, if you want to succeed and get that life you want the best time to act is now.

That’s it. How to break out of inertia daydreaming? Change. Just do it now, it’s never too late, it’s not easy either but tomorrow will be better from now on if you just do it now.


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