Is Homeschooling In The Philippines A Taboo?

Homeschooling in the Philippines is no longer a thing for the next millennium.

When I decided to unschool my 6yr old son, I began to search for Facebook groups that could prove if there are such homeschoolers here in our country . I needed to do it for self-justification because I knew that I am going to face a battle owing to my decision and I was afraid I might be the only one in this. Alas, It was overwhelming to find numerous groups, with countless members in each. Now, every time I browse my news feed, I consistently encounter posts from these groups, actively sharing their day to day experiences, helping and encouraging newbies like me on how to properly manage homeschooling. The more that I realize, homeschooling is no longer a new trend here in the Philippines. It inspires me indeed and makes me feel like I wanted to promote it and spread awareness.

Yeah, why not homeschool instead, when your kids belong to a classroom filled with 30 or more pupils in the traditional school?

I myself have the experience of teaching more than ten pre-schoolers in one class. It was not easy. I wanted every child to feel special, no matter what status in life they belong to. It was my goal to make the kids feel they are valued, make them believe they have skills; good-looking, and that they must act confidently at all times. And as I said, I had more than ten, about 15 pupils to be exact and it was nerve-wracking!. How much more for teachers handling 30, even 50 kids everyday? I don’t blame them if they cannot give the special treatment we parents wanted our children to have from their educators. That is also one reason why there are parents who will do everything just so their kids gain more favor from their teachers. (oooppps! that is common knowledge, I don’t think I still need to elaborate).

So dear parents, why not homeschool your kids?

There are various ways in homeschooling. You can enroll them with a DepEd accredited providers, or you can do it independently. If you are a busy parent, you can hire a tutor to supervise your child’s homeschooling.

You may say, hiring a private tutor or choosing to homeschool is only for the rich. Well, I am not rich. Getting a provider is expensive so I am doing it independently. We are so lucky that we are now in the internet age, we might as well take advantage of it. Plenty of teaching modules and materials on the internet designed for all school ages which we will just choose what suits our child’s interest. And most importantly, we can only concentrate on the most important subjects that our future generation needs.

In homeschooling, moreover, we can able to help our government to conserve resources. We know that yearly, the number of textbooks in public schools were not enough to cater to all enrollees. The influx of students year by year demands more school utilities and infrastructures that which the administration cannot always provide.

Home schooling likewise helps lessen the burdens of teachers if half of the admissions this year will homeschool next year, thus lowering the student-teacher ratio and all will benefit from more focused instruction.

Why homeschool?

Why not? ☺️☺️☺️

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