Working in a corporate world for more than five years, I have been a lot of experienced from the heavy traffic I need to face every day going to office plus increasing fare of buses and jeepneys that were not really reasonable, bossy managers and supervisors even co-workers, low compensation that I don’t think I deserve in the first place. And suddenly, this question pops up in my mind.

After further searching if is it really possible to work from home, fortunately I found an answer. And yes, it’s a YES! In fact, there’s a lot of work from home. There’s a lot of opportunity working online. One of these, I found out is FREELANCING! Have you ever heard about it? Or do you have an idea what is it all about? If not at all, let me give you an idea or background what freelancing is all about and the possible work that can be offer along the way!

In my own analysis after deep research what Freelancing is all about. It is a work wherein there’s a contract between a freelancer and a client. Here in freelancing, you as a freelancer offer your services to a prospective client. Particularly, you offer your skills virtually such as Web Design, Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeping and a lot more. You just need to complete on what is the specific tasks given to you then, finished and submit before the deadline you have agreed between your clients. And that’s it! The client will pay you more if you deliver exactly the tasks assigned to you. Nowadays, there are a lot of freelancing websites/platforms on the internet where you can make and build a profile and find a job hiring. Some of these are UpWork, FreeeUp,, and more!

But there’s no easy way! Before making a big transition to work in an online job from a corporate world, you should be mentally and most of all financially prepared. Because you need to invest a lot more time and effort before diving in freelancing. You have to learn and develop a skill so that you can present your best portfolio to a client. Also, you need to invest a good laptop and stable internet connection since you will work online. 🙂

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