Is the world really getting smaller?

During my preschool years, every time we are asked by our teachers to sing “It’s a Small World” I couldn’t help myself to wonder if its really true that the world is small? I couldn’t make a definite conclusion back then.

As I grow up, i keep on hearing people mentioned that “What a small world”especially if they meet unexpectedly at a distant place. As to them, their unexpected meeting means that the world indeed is small. The phrase ‘It’s a Small World‘ is used when you have encountered the same people, events, or situations in an unexpected place or you have discovered that someone knows a person you also know.

When you consider however, the technological revolution today, we could definitely say that indeed the world is small and it’s getting smaller. Apart of course from the truth that physically, the population boom has indeed changed the landscape of the world. Cellular phones and online communications make long distant relationship no longer an issue. Meetings can be done online where attendees come from different parts of the world. One can visit and travel to a place without actually leaving. Virtually anyone take a look at the actual setting of a place using googlemaps.

Indeed, the world is getting smaller. The world is now in the palm of our hands. A lot can be done and revolutionized in order to make this small world a better place for the next generation.

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