LBMX the Reborn (BMX Street Competition)

The very first BMX Event in Los Baños, Laguna, PH (February 25, 2017)


The very first BMX event in Los Baños, Laguna was “LBMX the Reborn”. This event was basically for street BMX category only. The concept of conducting this event came from “LBMX”, the group of people in Los Baños, Laguna that share the same passion with street BMX and the only one BMX group in Los Baños, Laguna. The group started 2001. The group was originally named “ELBI Riders” and eventually renamed to “LBMX” just before the event. This was also the reason why the event was named “LBMX the Reborn”, because LBMX was the reborn of ELBI Riders. The main objective of this event is to revive the BMX scene in Los Baños, to meet and greet other Local BMX riders and to recognize the LBMX group in the BMX scene Philippines.

The preparation for the event didn’t come so easy for us, as a matter of fact, the original date supposed to be December 2017 and eventually moved a couple of  months later. We struggle financially since most of our members are students. The group gradually set meetings to discuss what will be the strategy for the event preparation.

First thing we have to do is to build a Bike Obstacles. We raised funds from our own pocket. We also seek help from our friends. Eventually the fund was raised. Pcs by pcs the obstacle were build. Everybody participate on building up the obstacle. Even some of our skater friend helped us to build the obstacles. The good thing is, one of our member, actually the elected president of LBMX has a machine shop so we didn’t struggle that much with the construction of the obstacles.

The obstacles are finally done, but the next problem is the event venue. Since we only ride BMX on street “literally street”, we don’t have venue for the event. Once again we set a meeting and come up with a target event venue. We targeted the “Batong Malake Basketball Court”. We talk to the barangay Captain of Batong malake, Los Baños, Laguna, Capt. Janos Lapis.  To our surprise the Capt. Janos Lapis agree and give us permission to use the covered court for our event. It was relieve for the group. But he only give us permission to use the open court.

The event is coming and we still don’t have funds for the prices for the event. We contacted BMX stores locally and seek for sponsorship for the prices. We also contacted nearby businesses, some of them gives cash and others gives their own product like tarpaulin, t-shirts and tumbler. We are very thankful to all who sponsored our event, Scrap bikes, Orolfo Bike Republic, Okulto, JRL, WTLK Bmx clothing, Multo Media, Bike Kings, Mio Soul Nation, The Goat Farm, RC De Villa Construction, MW Irons, Stargate, Free Damn BMX, Kabalikat Civicom Los Baños, Black and brew and lastly, Monster Energy Philippines. Were in a big surprise with the sponsorship of Monster Energy. One of our friend, a girl, a skater contacted Monster Energy just a week before the event and monster energy didn’t hesitate to give sponsorship.

All are ready except for the trophies and medals. We are already out of budget, so we think of something. We gather all of our old Bike parts and create a trophies and medals from it. The outcome of the trophies and medals was amazing, it was a very unique. Thanks to the creative mind of our group President who designed those trophies and medals, at last the preparations are done.

The night before the event, we start bringing the obstacle to the venue. Everybody helped on carrying the obstacles. Although we looks like scavengers walking on the road while carrying those obstacles, we are very happy that finally the very first BMX Event in Los Baños, Laguna is coming to reality.

The day of the event has already come. All of us were exited in the event. Almost all of the BMX rider that we have invited came and support our event. Even the flatland BMX Rider, Dirt BMX Rider and skater was there to enjoy the event and we are more than happy to see all of them. It was like a “BIG BMX Event” we’ve seen on youtube.

The very first to come are the Riders from Las Piñas, They even jam with us by the time they have arrived. One by one the other groups arrived, some carry their bike on a tricycle, some bring jeepney, others bring cars and others just ride their bike on their way to the event. Just as expected the event will not be that perfect, the sound system was late so we started the event without sound system. The sound system was about 30 mins late but no problem, we manage to start the event without the sound system, but here’s a good thing, Capt. Janos Lapis gives us permission to use the covered court since the sun was too hot because the event was scheduled 12pm. While the event is ongoing, one of our sponsors came, “Monster Energy”, riding in their pick-up truck carrying 2 big barrel of Monster Energy drink. The BMX Riders felt energized seeing the 2 barrel of Monster Energy Drink. Everybody were given a can of Monster Energy Drink and everybody enjoyed.

The competition started first with the highest bunny hop competition, then Class-B Competition and lastly the Class-A Competition. The BMX riders enjoys riding, while others are enjoyed watching the amazing tricks. Every player who participates give their best trick to entertain the crowd. The crowd reactions were spectacular.

Watch this video for the full event:

Over-all, we did not expect “LBMX the reborn” to be that successful. The numbers of BMX riders who participate and the number crowd were overwhelming. We do even have sponsors for Emergency response to assist in case of accident. Thanks to the event sponsors and to all of the BMX Group who came to our event, Sto. Tomas Extream Crew, Tanay BMX Crew, P-Rata Crew Lucena, Unfriender Crew, Freedamn Crew, Tayabas Bmx Riders, Batasan Bmx Crew, Pasig Bmx Crew, Fail Bmx Crew, Goatfarm and most especially to “God” who gave us a wonderful weather and keep all of the BMX Riders safe.

We believe that this event encourage others to support the BMX not only in Los Baños, Laguna, but all throughout the Philippines. This event also inspires other BMX Riders from different side of the Philippines to promote BMX on their own community. To encourage our government to support extreme sports, just like the support that Capt. Janos Lapis gave us, and to show to everyone that Filipinos can excel even to extreme sports.

Just like any other event, it never ended just with the “LBMX the reborn”. It was just the beginning. After the “LBMX the reborn”, several other events was conducted by LBMX group like, Under Privi Ledge, Open Jam and 17 years anniversary Jam. Our network of friendship expands in every event that we conducted.

P.S. BMX is not about cool tricks, or how many trick you can do, or how many competition you won. BMX is all about friendship, brotherhood and passion.

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