The life of Being an OFW is not easy.

Filipinos started dreaming to go out from the country to give the better life on their family. Thinking that you can give more financial assistance to your family, they think that if you are working abroad you are earning in a dollar, that is true, you are earning a dollars and you also spending in dollars too. Cost of living in the different country is higher than what we expected especially in the Middle East, America, Europe Country, and others.Adjustment is very important if you want to work abroad you will need to follow their culture and tradition of their country.


Being an OFW is a promise of the good life you get to earn more than you earn in the country. Leaving your Family is the hardest decision in many Filipinos, especially if you have children who need your guidance in their everyday life. Most of the parents choose to leave the country to sustain their everyday living we all know that in our country our salary is not enough to provide all the needs of our children especially the education.

Most of them have more than one job to be able to send a bigger amount in their Family.I am an OFW in Israel, I am working as a Caregiver, to think that I didn’t even take care of my father before he passed away. We most of the time sacrifice our life and time to other people because we know that we can earn from them but we don’t even realize that our parents are getting older and they need us to take care for them, but how we can do that, if we cant even sustain the needs of our family.

In other word being an OFW is not easy you need a lot of SACRIFICES and HARD WORK!

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