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I’ve been using Globe prepaid for my phone for almost a year and I noticed that my account balance is not what it’s supposed to be.  It would have been good if it was more but it was less.

I usually use their GoSAKTO promo, create your own for call, text & surf.  I started out with free 10 minute to Globe/TM/ABS-CBN/Cherry users,, 20 text to all networks and Unlimited surfing for 3 days which cost PHP83.00.  I put in PHP200.00 worth of load but when promo ended and started to create another promo my account balance was down to PHP5.00.

It made me wonder, did I load PHP200.00 or maybe it was just PHP100.00.  But even with PHP100.00 load, my account balance should be PHP17.00 and not PHP5.00.  I only use at the most 5 minutes in calls, 15 text messaging and I usually use my wifi connection at home.

Initially, I really didn’t mind it that much, well, why trouble myself for a difference of PHP12.00. But it happened again, and again, and again.  So I started taking snapshots of each transaction so I can complain at the Globe store and show them proof of what happened.

I brought my son to school.  Went to the Globe store.  Not much people.  Got my queue number which was 7 and received a text message from the store stating the gratitude for visiting, my queue and reference number.  Waited for an hour, nothing was happening, so I left.  Did the grocery…..picked up my son…., got home after 4 hours and received a text message from Globe that “I was next in line and a store specialist will be with me shortly”.  Oh my goodness, I was shocked.


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