Low Cost Kiddie Birthday Pool Party

My nephew turned 8 this year, and after a huge party for his 7th birthday last year, we thought of having a small, intimate, yet fun birthday party this time around. Going back to Tubigan Resort was the first thing that popped up in our minds, because it’s just a cute and cool place for the kids to swim and have fun.

Tubigan resort is a public pool in Paliparan, Dasmariñas, Cavite. It has a lot of cute cartoon characters as statues which you can take pictures with. The resort has a total of three main pools –  all of which have slides, and two of them have water sprinklers or showers. they have a bunch of nipa huts that you can rent, and the prices depend on how huge the nipa huts are, and how many people they can accommodate. You can also stay at their hotel (yes, they actually have one) if you plan to stay there for 24 hours or more. Even though it’s a well-known public pool, they actually keep it very clean as well.

They have a bubble making machine, and the bubbles are made out of coconut!  So it’s actually safe if you get it on your eye or something.

What can I say about the customer service?  Well, they were very accommodating.Everyone greeted us with a smile,  and really helped us. Prior to going to the resort, I actually contacted their Facebook messenger, and within the day (about less than three hours from when I messaged them) they responded and we’re very friendly. When we got there, their employees were ready to greet us on the gates and even had a handcart ready for our food and bags, so that we didn’t have to carry them, they even pushed it to our nipa hut location and dropped off all of our stuff including in our nipa hut.

They had very reasonable rates too, and because it’s the month of August, it’s no longer summer here in the Philippines, so they had off season rates. We actually saved a lot of money because of this season, and if you ask me I actually prefer going to public pools when it’s no longer summer. One of the reasons is because pools will no longer be as crowded (because kids are back to school), plus I love swimming in the rain (gives a lesser risk of being sunburned since the sun is mostly concealed by clouds during this time of the year).

If you’re wondering how much we spent overall, for 8 people, I will break everything down below, but rounding everything up, we spend less than 3,700 pesos (about 75 usd) only. That already includes the ride going there and back, the entrance, the nipa hut rental, food and drinks. The birthday celebration was an overall success! Everyone, especially the kids, enjoyed every moment. So if you want to try Tubigan Resort, you can take advantage of the rainy season promotion until the end of September.

Off Season Promo!

Day Swimming
(Mon-Sun) 8am to 5pm
Adult and Kids: P200

Night Swimming
(Mon-Sun)7pm to 4am
Adult and Kids: P200

**Children 3ft and below are free**

Budget Breakdown

Diesel = 500
8 people (3 people were free – 5 + 1 promo, 1 birthday celebrant, 1 less than 3 feet) = 1000 php
Nipa hut = 500 php

Cake = 300
Ice Cream = 200 php
Soda = 65
1 Gallon Mineral Water = 30 php
Rice = 45 php
Fried chicken = 260
Chicken adobo = 250
Hotdog = 210
Pork tocino = 75

Resort Store:
Bread = 65 = 130 for 2 loaves
Tube Ice = 20php per small pack = 40 for 2 packs
Kiddie train ride = 20 each = 60 for 3 kids

Overall Cost
=3,665/ 75usd (Not bad right?)

Check out this vlog my sister created on their first visit to Tubigan Resort:

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