Mesmerized by the beauty of Bolinao Pangasinan!

In 2009, I was in college when I first fell in love with the beauty of the pristine beach of Patar Bolinao. It is so-called Boracay of the North. The white grainy sand, crystal clear water and the rock formations is so instagrammable. It is one of the must-visit tourist destinations here in Pangasinan. You shouldn’t miss a chance to do an activity like snorkeling and island hopping. It’s really fun.

Patar Beach Bolinao


Other Attractions in Bolinao

You can also explore other attractions aside from the beach. There are a number of caves and falls nearby,but you should hire a tourist guide as they knew the right direction. Remember to bring water and food because you will certainly get hungry and thirsty when you reach there. The Cape Bolinao lighthouse, one of the tallest lighthouses in the Philippines is just a minute away from the beach. Ten years ago, my colleague and I experienced the 140 stepped spiral staircase up to the top.  you can witnessed breathtaking  scenic beauty of Bolinao plus the strong wind coming from the south china sea, but it’s not open for tourists nowadays. The last time we checked, it was already locked.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
Bolinao Falls
Wonderful Cave Bolinao

Where to stay?

Are you a budget conscious? If you are, then, there’s so many transient houses to rent for just an affordable price, and a public beach where you only pay for the parking fee and cottages if you prefer to. 

There are also 3 star resorts but a bit pricey. One of those is the G resort which i highly recommend, it is calm, relaxing and cozy place with very accommodating and hospitable staff. The only thing that i hate about going to G resort is the rocky pavement road, it seems like it is hidden in the forest. But when you passed that road, it’s all worth it. All in all, G resort is the best place to stay. 

G Resort










You can also booked through,, etc. You can select your own choice of resort. Be sure to check the review first because pictures can be deceiving.

Must-visit place in Pangasinan

  • Tondol beach located in Anda Pangasinan
  • Tambobong beach and Colibra island located in Dasol, 
  • Cabongaoan Beach located in Burgos
  •  Hundred Island located in Alaminos City. 
  • Miraculous Church located in Manaoag
  • Sunflower Maze located in Tayug. 

You can add all of these places in your bucket list. You’ll surely enjoy the beauty of Pangasinan.

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