Freelancing, an opportunity for parent

Should mom and dad consider freelancing?

Nowadays, many Filipinos consider freelancing. Why? There are a couple of good reasons for choosing to be a freelancer. Work whenever and whatever you want, you are your own boss, more income, and no office politics. These are few of the advantages seen. Now, let me tell you some benefits why should stay-at-home moms or dads need to consider freelancing.

First, choose your specific hour to start working. Being a mom, you would like to see your kids and attend to their needs. Most of the time, they are in school as a preschool, elementary or secondary students. Once they step out of your doorsteps, that’s your time to work.

Second, choose to spend time with your kids. Being a mom or dad, you always want to be with them,  help them with their school assignments, guiding them doing household chores, play with them, have a little chat, eat snacks with them. You can let them feel you are visible when they need you.

Third, eliminate wasted time on travel and commuting. Because mom and dad would like to maximize time with their kids, you can erase worries on longer time to travel to your work especially if it is really far from home and if you are dealing with heavy traffic, you can say goodbye to  crowded streets and air pollution caused by lots of vehicles stuck on the road.

And fourth, experience sense of control. Moms and dads can get the feeling of control over their lives in such a way that you can choose to have more time for yourself and your family. Choose and do whatever refinement or pampering you would want to do to yourself and to your family.  In addition, the income generated by working at home can shape  “great comforts out of life” for future goals.

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