More than Just MOM

Being a single mom is the hardest, most empowering thing I’ve ever done

As a single mom I know that for many years I felt like there was nothing more to me than just being Mom. It was a feeling that is hard to nail down sometimes. The best way I can describe it is a sort of hollow feeling inside. Like there is a part of you that just isn’t there anymore. All those things that I used to do, that brought me happiness, I simply stopped doing after my kids were born. Because I was a single mom with little to no help, it just seemed impossible.

There was no way, I would have the time or energy to work on self-contentment.

I had kids to feed, boo-boo’s to patch up, clothes to wash, events to attend to even homework to help with. Then ask my relatives and sisters to look after so I can go to work.

There was no TIME for anything more, and even if there was time – I was too damn tired to try and do it. ‘I’ll do that later. When the kids are older.’

How could I possibly follow my dreams and still be a good mom?

We need to feel that we are just as important and our goals and dreams are also just as important.

Self-contentment is so much more important than you may realize. You need to feel like a whole person if you want to be the best mom you can be.

Even if you can only take 30 minutes a day to feed your passion – at least that is something. Do the things that bring you joy (provided they are not bad habits). You will feel better and BE better. It will feel like a part of your self is returning, I promise!

With my new-found job, FREELANCING, Not only is being a single parent challenging due to a lack of additional income, but you don’t always get to spend as much time with your kids as you’d like. Between late nights at the office or random schedules that often take away your weekends, you probably rely on other people to take care of your kids more than you’d like. By freelancing, you eliminate that issue. You still have to work, but when you set your own schedule you can work around your kids’ baseball games, school plays, and other activities. You can pick them up from school and get them started on their homework before you head to your home office to work on your projects. You can host sleepovers on the weekend to meet their friends, and set aside time to catch a movie or a picnic in the park.

I can say that I can possibly follow my dreams and still be a good mom.



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