Movie-time Weekend: First look at Avengers End Game.


As a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, I have always been rooting to watch every super hero movie that Marvel Studio has released, may it be X-Men, Spiderman, Iron Man, etc… you name it and you bet that I know it.
The thing that makes their movies unique are the action-packed scenes, superb special effects, and above all, the stories behind every character. I normally get bored easily with movies with obvious story line flow, the typical movies wherein you know the start and you’ll probably can guess the ending even before it happens. But with Marvel franchise, it seemed like the characters are not whatsoever related at the start but as the story goes on, you’ll be surprised how their fate gets intertwined, and see how one movie gets related to the other, until they end up joining together and helping each other out, which excites me most of the time.
The Avengers series is one of my favorites. It’s a movie that you can’t really fully enjoy if you weren’t able to watch the previous parts (1 & 2) plus the other movies related to it. Remember what I said earlier, the other Marvel Super Hero movies are somewhat related to the Avengers series (like Black Panther, Spider Man, etc…), so it’s therefore recommended to watch them first before even thinking of watching the Avengers.
This weekend, my family and I watched the Avengers: End Game movie (actually before watching it in cinema, I already watched it in low definition in some random site in the internet… 😊). And as always, I can say that the movie never failed my expectations. As expected of Marvel, they did a good job laying out the story line for the Infinity War continuation, revolving around how the heroes struggled to get the infinity stones from Thanos to restore balance in the universe.
Personally, I loved the part when they’re just testing the time machine that they invented (courtesy of the genius Tony Stark portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.) when Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) returned to the past to see his family which he missed very much (they were among those killed by the infinity stones in the future). I really felt his sadness and longingness to be with his beloved family but sadly time was too short, and he was immediately blasted back to the future…well, the good part was they knew that the time machine worked.
As a comic lover, I personally had read how the story unfolded, but as expected of the franchise, several spices were added to the story line: more twists and turns, a number of revelations, and a couple of ups and downs, which I think made every fan waited in anticipation with excitement and chill.
The part where the movie got me emotionally was when Tony Stark sacrificed himself to save everyone by stealing all six infinity stones to kill Thanos and all his minions. This automatically drained his life force bringing him to his death (note the even Hulk almost died when he used the stones to reverse the universe-wide catastrophe that Thanos created and bring everybody back to life). I literally cried (really couldn’t stop my tears from falling) while Tony Stark lies against the rubbles, and spider man talks to him trying to make him stay awake. With shallow slow breathe, Pepper, his wife, approached him, holding back her teary eyes, bid him her final farewell assuring him that everything is gonna be alright and that it’s ok for him to rest…Man! I can still feel the sadness till now!


The Avengers: End Game also somewhat affected me in real life. Remember the expression “I love you three thousand”, between Tony Stark and his daughter? My daughter and I also tell the same expression to each other.
I don’t know about you guys, but I personally think that this is by far the best Marvel movie to this time! I could not be more excited to the next Marvel movie that would surpass what The Avengers has achieved.

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