When I was a kid way back year nineteen forgotten..(hmmpp!!)  Kidding aside,,I just remember , I am very much into cartoons and  mostly addicted with the Sesame Street Show. Before, we can watch it only in the televisions without the use of cable in children’s television channel and internet .We can freely watch it everyday

 during morning after I woke up and having my breakfast , while sitting in the sofa at the front of our black and white television.Just reminiscing my old days guys and feeling my younger years having a simple glimpse of my favorite cartoon characters really influences my innocent mind . Now that I already have my two sons . I just cannot refused to notice how my boys are really fond of SPIDERMAN especially my younger one. He was 3 years old when I first bought him a CD of spiderman movie.

He watched it like he already understood the story though, but really fascinated with the effects and fight scenes with the villains . “ Wooh, Yeah …!! “ was his first reaction .

I was kinda smiling at him while we both watching the movie. I was there to guide him throughout the end of the movie teaching him of what was good and what was not to be followed.

Spiderman is  a childlike superhero, he moves like a not to serious man strategize his  style to trick his enemies. He is so naughty . He acts like  everything is just really fine. He doesn’t show weaknesses and hurts while fighting. He cracks jokes and funny stuff while in a serious run of commotion.

He is so bubbly and lovable. He has the ability to cling to the wall and surfaces and how can we define it … it was really amazing!!. His color red suit really gives a great impact of braveness and aliveness in the eyes of the kids.

He can fly by using his web power . He also has a strength like Superman!  Wow..!!These are the characteristics why most of the kids are really influenced by Mr. Spidey hah… Kids can easily adapt what does spiderman have because it really shows the essential attitude of being a kid wanting to defend the people who is in trouble . Like kids asking them what do they want to be when they get old.? They usually answered “  I want to be a doctor  or sometimes a policeman , then follow up with the questions why?…Well I want to save the lives of the people who is sick or because I want to arrest all the bad guys in the community.. “ . How smart these kids nowadays right?  They really wish to fight and to defend the needy ones, more! Especially when they have a special power like what





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