MSG…as part of our daily life?

Monosodium Glutimate or MSG contributes great part of preparing our food through years.

I remember way back when my mom was cooking a “Vegetable Soup” . I kept an eye to every ingredients she added on the casserole. When everything was almost ready,she added a white-like powder, some salt and tasted it. As a child with a conscious mind,came with a question of what was that powder that she added? I only got an answer of “VETSIN, to make the soup tasty” w/c ends our conversation. Till the time I get caught tasting it raw, w/c made her really mad that she even mentioned of I could get ” poisoned… ” w/c really left me hanging! How could that be???

As you saw a lot of question marks I wrote above, that associates every doubts I had with MSG through years. Growing up, it didn’t left our kitchen up to present. Cooking savory dishes would really be incomplete without its touch.

Brief History

Monosodium Glutimate
Chemical Formula :  C5H8NO4Na
Discovered by :  Ikeda Kikunae
Year discovered : 1908

Though lots of articles were already out in the internet feeding us too much information bout MSG and it’s side effects,why are this keeps on existing? How did this got approved to our Government Health Organization and Trade Industry? How harmful it’s effects could bring into our bodies?

While these questions remain unanswered, a lot of people (including me) will continue to use it while its still out in the market.

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