My Beautiful Hometown: Bulusan, Sorsogon

Ctto: Raygan Espano

I was born and grown up in Bulusan Sorsogon, Bicol province. I spent almost 21 years of my life here and I have witnessed it’s scenic beauty and the lifestyle’s simplicity.

Having that said, I would highly recommend travelers to include this place in their list. Especially if you are that kind of person who loves exploring the beauty of nature, this is a perfect place for you.

Experience the waves in Miliga Biga Beach, the fine sand in Dancalan Beach and the stunning beauty of Riroan Beach. To add to your excitement, among the aforementioned beaches, it’s only the Dancalan Beach that has an entrance fee. The rest can be enjoyed by anyone for Free. Yes, you’ve read it right, absolutely for free! Just follow the rule: to not to destroy the nature and keep it clean. That’s it!

Aside from the amazing beaches, the resorts, rivers and falls are also among those that entice the tourists during summer. The water is freezing cold and clean. You’ll surely love the experience and will definitely book a flight again for the next summer.

I know that next to traveling, whether by foot or whatever means of transportation, it’s your tummy that always complains. You don’t have to worry because we have a variety of food to offer. From nutritious vegetables (laing, green leafy veggies cooked in coconut oil, etc), seafood, poultry and meat as well. The most popular meat recipe is the Bicol Express which mainly consists of pork, shrimp paste and green spicy pepper. We also have sweet delicacies that range from different kinds of pilinut candies, and traditional food like suman, puto, peche peche, cassava cake and many more.

When it comes to place where to stay overnight, or even more days, we also have stay cation hotels available. Though I have only tried one of them and that is the Villa Luisa Celeste Resort. The place is simple but beautiful. The price is also way affordable.

Trivia: Bulusan is from a local dialect “Bulus-bulos” which means “continuous flow”, and this pertains to the water. That’s why most of the tourist attractions here are related to water. Bulusan is abundant with it. Disclaimer: This is just by word of mouth passed on to us by the great great grandparents so I can’t attach an article.

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