My Freelancing Journey

The idea of working from home, is a dream of every stay at home mom like me, well, every mother I may say. Just imagining that you can still look after your kids, do house chores and still earn money while staying at home, is a big blessing that you can have.

Back in 2011, I encountered a website that offers tips and guides on how to work from home, although, I paid for the membership, it didn’t materialize since I cannot find any support on how to really start on freelancing. I heard also before about Odesk, and someone is working from that platform , I always said “oh I want to become like that too”, but due to so many reasons, excuses I may say, I don’t have the courage on pursuing this so called freelancing.

I was a stay at home mom for almost 11 years now, so finding job in a corporate world is not really easy because of the gap that I didn’t work that long. There are so many new technologies that is being used and I find it so intimidating. Another reason is, I am not that young so maybe I may not be hired because of my age, plus I have to look after my kids and manage the house as well.

Not until January 2019, I googled about Virtual Assistant and find the site of Mr. Jayson Dulay. Its a 5 day lesson on how to become a virtual assistant, so I got curios and one thing is, its FREE, so I signed up and viola! I received an email right away with a video on it, I didn’t finish the 5 day lesson, and got curios about the VABootcamp. With the help of Almighty God, I got the courage to enrolled for it on January 8,2019. I was overwhelmed at first on what lesson should I start first. Every module is so interesting. It’s really a step by step on how you can become a better Virtual Assistant. 

There’s a lot of webinars that you can watch, an FB support group that every day gives you motivation, a Slack group that you can post questions if you have struggles on lesson that you are taking. Even learned new tools that the active VA are using. There’s a lot in store really, you should have a lot of space on learning new things.

Fast forward, I finished my VABootcamp online course at the end of January. My goal now is to get my Upwork profile approved and hopefully got hired sooner.

Oh and One More thing…..The support that you can get from the coaches of VABootcamp is priceless, More Power and God Bless Us All…..

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