My Province – Bohol

Bohol is the tenth largest island in the Philippines. It is an oval shaped island with a total land area of 4,821 km2.

In this blog, I will be giving you the reasons why travelers should visit my province? Where will you stay when you’re in Bohol? What activities I want you to enjoy? and what food delicacies that Boholanos can offer to you?

Why travelers should visit my province?

The most popular are the Chocolate Hills. When I first saw the hills, I wander how these creation happens to be of at most the same sizes, the same heights and even same in diameter. They were called chocolate hills because when summer season visits Philippines, the green grasses which grows surrounding the hills dies, turning the color of the hills into chocolate brown and when viewed up over an airplane or a helicopter, it looks like chocolates scattered in that particular area. A total of 1,776 hills are in the area.

Another attraction that leads people in my province are the Tarsiers‘. These Tarsiers loved Bohol. They consider Bohol as their habitat. And because of that, the government has protected these primates. It provided them a safe place to stay. Their home is in the municipality of Corella, Bohol. But you can see captive Tarsiers in different tourist locations in Bohol. The government gave them special permit for the tourist promotion purposes.

And of course, we have our White Sand Beaches in Panglao Island, Bohol. I have visited some of these beaches and I feel relaxed every time I’m there. There was a time, we had an overnight with  friends in the beach, we just put bed mats in the sand and slept in there. The whole wide beach is busy during day time, so what I did was took a bath and done my swimming at 4:00 am until the sunlight comes out.

Where will you stay when you’re in Bohol?

Bohol has a lot of guest houses and five star hotels and beach resorts. You can choose between the cheapest and the most expensive hotels. 

What activities I will recommend you to enjoy?

Bohol waters provides you dolphin watching, snorkeling  and scuba diving in Pamilacan island. We also have an upland activites like RUSH bike zipline, top tree courses and nature trekking.

What food delicacies available in Bohol?

I will recommend to you my personal choices. I like the Calamay and the Peanut Kisses. These two products enables some people identifies where you from.


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