My Watch is Pee-proof!

As a mother, I realized how important managing my time is.

For one, I breastfeed. And if a breastfeed too shortly , she wakes up and cries. And I would end up breastfeeding a lot longer that she should have. It’s like we have to start over again. And if I also breastfeed long enough, well I’m just wasting my time, am I not?

So, I had to strategize.

I always LOVE efficiency. I had to measure the amount of time my LO breastfeeds— just right enough that I could be sure she already fell asleep while not making it long enough that I’m wasting my time. In my case, it was 10 minutes from my left boob, and 10 minutes from my right boob. (Yes! I also figured out left goes before right. If you want more details why that it, here’s the link.)

That is why having a watch is very helpful.

And as a minimalist, I don’t want to risk damaging my expensive gold watches for everyday use (especially with a baby!) nor I don’t want to keep buying cheap ones that break and chip off easily. And I will be sharing with you this one watch that I use every day.

And it is so worth it!

This is the Tommy Hilfiger Watch with Silicon Strap.

I bought this watch shortly right after I gave birth. I bought it online. I always love to wear watches. And I figured out that I wouldn’t want to risk wearing my gold watch while having a baby now would I want to buy cheap ones that break easily.

I’m just happy I found this watch.

I discovered it myself while searching for the perfect watch online. And I searched for this watch— hard. I’m the type of person who wants the perfect and most efficient item before buying it. I would search all the sites and google everything I need to know it about it.

What I like about this watch is that it’s very durable. It survived my baby’s accidental pees. I use it a couple of times— I mean, all the time, when bathing Max. Because as a mom, who has time to remove their watches?

And thank God silicon straps were invented. I didn’t have those ugly creases I get when I use leather straps for a long period of time. And there are no erasures! Its prints are the same as the time I bought them. So I didn’t have to have an old looking watch— even though this is really already fairly old. I have been using this for a year and a half already.