Advanced military technology: Gundam

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Advanced military technology: Gundam

Just to give you a brief history, per Wikipedia, Gundam is a science fiction media franchise created by Sunrise that features giant robots (mecha) called mobile suits bearing the name Gundam. It began on April 7, 1979 as Mobile Suit Gundam, a TV series that defined the real robot or “mecha” anime genre by featuring giant robots in a militaristic setting. The popularity of the series and its merchandise spawned a franchise that includes television series, OVAs, films, manga, novels and video games.

Gundam in the military? Yep, in our wildest dreams! However, these days, technology is creeping so fast that I think in 10 years or less the military could have one of these badass robots (or similar), that is if they have the resources to fund such project.

Anyway, if you want to see one in person, there is one now standing in Diver City, Tokyo, Japan – Mobile Suit Unicorn. The one on the left is in its normal mode and the one on the right is its destroy mode!

UC    destroy

Below was the first ever 1/1 scale built of a Mobile Suit – the RX-78-2.


The Gundam series is definitely one of my favorites in the Anime universe! Giant robots fighting for peace! Now, wouldn’t you want them to be on your side?

About the series

The series already have a long list including TV series, movies, OVA (original video animation). And if you are an Anime fan like me, most probably you have already heard of the word Gundam, especially if you are one of those people that like the mecha genre a.k.a. Mobile Suit Gundam. My favorites are the Wing, SEED, and 00 series.

Building model kits

Building model kits is fun and a good past-time or hobby. It tests your patience as building one kit straight out of the box can take hours; and if you are one of those hardcore modelers, then definitely a day is not enough. But for me, applying the stickers, decals, and panel lining is enough for now. Someday, I also want to be able to modify my own model kit. Hopefully, one of our kids will also like building kits, which can be one great bonding activity.

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