OFW Mom & Dad

To earn for a living abroad is a great sacrifice.

The times and sweet memories you’re supposed to share with your love ones, passes by so fast.

When starting your own family, the first 1000 days of a child is the most significant days of a child. Where he grows so fast and needs the assistance and guidance of a parent.

I stopped working the moment I gave birth to my first child. Living abroad is difficult, but with the help of my mother, we overcame all the challenges financially. Days and nights gone by so fast and there’s a need for me to work again. Both me and my husband decided to leave our son in the Philippines, need to face our fears of separation.  To think of leaving my son breaks my heart enormously because we haven’t been separated since the day he was born.

Until a friend of mine, introduces a freelance work where I just need to work from home. A big decision not to go back on my previous work abroad and to take a Virtual Assistant Bootcamp has beed decided. I am happy to think that I will not be separated with my son. I just need to stay focused on the course and do my best. I’m planning to go back abroad with my son to be with my husband and work as a home based mom there. I thank God for all the opportunities He have given me.

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