“One day Feast in Lucban”

Lucban, Quezon  yearly  celebrated the “Pahiyas  Festival” every 15th of May. People agreed to display their harvest in front of their homes where the parish priest would come to bless the harvest during the procession of the image of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers and in honor of the festival that is being celebrated.


Houses used different fruits, vegetables, hats, baskets, paper-mache and kipings. After the competition, all the decorations will be thrown away to the people.


Kiping is leaf-shaped wafers made of rice dyed in brilliant colors.



  Each of carabao pulled its own paragos(sledge) festooned with fresh farm produce and flowers.


Pancit Habhab uses dried flour noodles which are known as miki Lucban. This pancit version is served over a piece of banana leaf and is eaten without any utensils.

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