Our Best Appetizer in Town – SINUGLAW

SINUGLAW is derives from Visayan words “Sinugba” which means grilled(Pork) and “Kinilaw” from international terms “Ceviche” means uncooked fish mixed with fresh cucumber, ginger, onions,lime, chili, vinegar & seasoning for taste. This was originated from Mindanao usually cooked by most of the alcoholic drinkers by mixing grilled pork and kinilaw which they usually do as “Pulutan”  while drinking Tuba(Coconut Wine) with relatives and friends.

I remember every time we have huge gatherings of relatives and friends, Sinuglaw recipe’s is always present in the table. All the time we experienced shortage of this food as once they tasted, they keep coming back and have some to bring at home.

What makes this recipe the best appetizer in town is the mouth watering taste of grilled pork matched with fresh delicious kinilaw mixed together with all the ingredients and best served with hot chili.

Every time people taste it always LOVE it. And that’s the reason why as of this time famous hotels & restaurants offered this as one of their best appetizer.


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