Our Biggest Investment

How do you see yourself 20 years from now? 

Are you still employed and earning good money? Are you still able to provide for the needs of your family? Are you living the life of your dreams? Have you already ticked all the boxes in your bucket list? Or maybe its the other way around? At this point in your life, have you really thought about your biggest investment – your retirement?

The Sad Truth

        In your prime, you feel you are successful. Your measure of success is your capability to buy the things you want. A brand new car, an upgraded gadget every time a new model comes out, a wide flat screen TV or a whole collection of signature bags and shoes. But when asked if you have savings? Your answer is, “Yes, i am saving up for a house and lot for my family.” or “I am saving up for the latest car model now.” or much worse some would say “None.” or “A little bit.” It’s sad but it’s true that most of us Filipinos do not have the mentality of saving up for our future retirement. We are happy and contented thinking that we can depend on our SSS pension that may not even be enough to cover our maintenance medicines and checkups. Then you might think you can depend on your children when you know they already have their own families and expenses. And sometimes, this happens in real life, they are unwilling to take care and provide for you. Would you want to be in that hopeless position of regret and just look back at all the things that you now think you should have done when you are still full of energy, life and vitality?

Start Now

        So what are going to do while you still have time left in your hands? It’s never too late to take action. Stop borrowing. Start saving for the needs of your future self. Protect your loved ones. Invest to beat inflation. Spend your money wisely. Buy thinking quality over quantity. It’s okay to splurge and treat yourself sometimes. Invest on experiences instead of things. It’s better to delay gratitude rather than having it all now and losing everything later in life. Plant seeds now. Harvest abundance later and share it with the one you love. 🙂




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