Pacify your kids with iPads

Image result for picture of mom giving iPad to child to calm him

Now a days, most, if not all own an iPad or a smartphone. That’s because we are living in the digital age. Perhaps that’s the way the world has changed us from simple living to a more innovative one. As I observe families with infants and toddlers, especially when they go out and at a restaurant and their kids start whining, parents usually calm them by offering them their gadgets to save them from more complicated tantrums that their kids might do in public and sometimes to save face from the audience around them.

iPads were created for the sole purpose of bringing your computer at a lighter weight and use it to your convenience. As it is gaining its popularity, it has become a fad that anytime, anywhere you can access your email or even work while enjoying your time out with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Somehow it can be helpful especially when you are the type of person whose always on the go. But using it to pacify your kids is not a better option than discipline.

Pacifying your kids with iPads or smartphones would not be helpful in the sense that in reality, you might just be giving in to what they want and that silently without knowing leading you to spoiling them because you are preoccupied with a lot of things. Most likely, it also leads to negligence to the needs of your children. This is a sad reality as i see because the beauty of communication between a child and his parent has vanished and is replaced by these so called iPads and smartphones. Let us remember that being parents whether busy or not, we should always spend quality time with our children by having a heart to heart talk with them, know what’s going on in their minds, etc. With this, i guess even when we are in the digital age as they say, we would not be just a mere shadow to our children that we will only attend to them when we have the time to spare. Instead, even in this generation, we could instill to our children the right behavior they are expected when we are outside our homes and not just give them our iPads to stop them from creating a scene. Their future depends on how we manage them well as children who grows with right discipline.

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