Pacifying Your Kid with IPad – Helpful or Not?

Pacifying your kid with IPad – Helpful or Not?

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While in a long line at the cashier, your little kid feels bored and starts to cry.  In your shame and panic, you take out the IPad and hurriedly hand it over to your child.   Parenting with the help of the IPad?

How many times has your little one blackmailed you into giving him your IPad so he would keep quiet?  And how many times did parents think “Why am I giving in to this little manipulator?”

Parents of these millenials complain about iPad and other gadgets dominating their kid’s life yet they would easily turn to the IPad (or any gadget within easy reach, just to quiet a crying child..

But do these gadgets really give  kids the real peace and quiet that parents want?  Or are the parents the ones who gain more free time when they allow gadgets to kill boredom?

Traditionally, parents would try to comfort  a crying child by engaging him in an interesting book or fun activity,  reading to the child or cuddling him while reading or  singing together or doing arts and crafts together.

Pacifying the disturbed kid, or pacifying the disturbed adult?

Accept it or not, parents try to pacify a crying child with the IPad for the convenience it gives them.

More often than not, parents forget to take the time and the effort to bond with their kid in a more deeply satisfying, more loving way.  For a parent to feel, hear and touch his/her child, whether behaving or misbehaving, sends the unmistakable message to the child that he/she is truly loved.

The cold IPad that takes the place of the warm parent or guardian’s hand or embrace also exposes the child to a lot of dangers, e.g.,  the radiation from the gadget foremost,  the possibility of contracting seizures, eye problems and exposure to cyber crimes such as pornography and cyber bullying.  Far from being helpful, as initially intended, the IPad soon produces a child who has become very techie at a very young age but less loving, less sensitive to the people around him.  In short, less of a human, and more like a robot.

Raising Cold Robots and Possible Child Abuse

So the next time your child starts to make a scene, and you are about to “reward” him with the IPad, DON’T! You might be raising a manipulative little monster who develops into an unfeeling, insensitive robot, later on.

When your child cries, just take the time to hug the little one, take his hand and play with him outdoors.  You may also play with him indoors or do an arts and crafts activity with him?  This will become to him truly treasured memories.

Let what one wise psychologist said serve as a real warning to parents:  “Giving your kid an IPad is ‘child abuse’.”  (see article in

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