Traveling to Hongkong-Macau is special to me because it’s my and our first time to travel with my girlfriend outside of the Philippines. But actually we’re not alone, we have her whole family with us. As the quote saying, “The family that stays together travel together” and yes indeed true. Why not. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” and that’s what we did. We made it. VIOLA!!!!

Pre Departure: We stayed in front of NAIA Terminal 3

Yes, you read it right. We stayed in front of NAIA Terminal 3. But not literally in front of the airport. Hehehe. We just booked an AIRBNB located in front of the terminal so that it is hassle-free from all of us going to the airport since our departure was 7 am in the morning and also we have my girlfriend’s grandmother and her niece. So think of it, its quite hassle if we will coming from afar. Nice move right?

Boarding Time

Everything was smooth. We checked in, paid for travel tax and passed at the immigration. The immigration that everyone was afraid of. We’re lucky that our officer was kind and don’t have any questions at all. Just luck though.

We boarded on time. Thanks to Cebu Pacific. No delays at that time.

Touch Down (Hongkong International Airport)


Hong Kong International Airport is the commercial airport serving Hong Kong, built on reclaimed land on the island of Chek Lap Kok. The airport is also known as Chek Lap Kok Airport. The airport has been in commercial operation since 1998, replacing Kai Tak Airport.

What did we do in Hongkong?

Enjoy the enchanting view of Victoria harbour

The harbour is a major tourist attraction of Hong Kong. Lying in the middle of the territory’s dense urban region, the harbour is the site of annual fireworks displays and its promenades are used as gathering places for tourists and residents.

Visit 1881 Heritage

In a city that preserves its traditions while looking firmly to the future, 1881 Heritage fittingly combines historical attractions with more contemporary pursuits.

Visitors can shop for international fashion brands and enjoy fine dining on the grounds where pirates were incarcerated and a daily signal was watched by ships in the harbour as they prepared for long and treacherous trans-global journeys. Tradition and innovation, past and present, 1881 Heritage is a real Hong Kong experience.

Enjoy Hongkong Disneyland

I remembered back when I was a kid, I love watching Disney movies/cartoons. I bet when we say HongKong, every one of us will firstly think of the Disneyland in Hong Kong. Right? We enjoyed our whole day stay inside Disney land.  I keep on saying to myself that someday I will be back in here. And of course with my child hopefully. Because I know it was everyone’s dream.

Facts: Although HK Disneyland is smaller than that in other countries, the Adventureland section is the biggest Adventureland of any Magic Kingdom park around the world.

Visit the “Las Vegas of Asia”, MACAU


Traveling to Macau from Hongkong was just a quick 1 hour of travel via BUS. That’s why it’s a must.
Today, Macau (澳門) is formally known as Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It is an autonomous territory, so even though it is officially part of China, it has its own currency and immigration policy, separate from that of mainland China or Hong Kong. In fact, even visitors from the mainland and HK will have to pass through immigration and customs check upon entering Macau.

Macau has a lot to offer. Some of the places that we visited are as follows:

  • Senado Square

  • The Parisians

  • Ruins of St Paul

Walking around Macau really amazed me because there are many Filipinos working and traveling there.  It’s really true that everywhere there is a Filipino.

So what are you waiting for? Travel now with your loved ones.

“Time is free but is priceless. You cannot own it but you can use it. You cannot keep it but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it. you can never get it back.”-Marvey Mackay


How To Deal With Anxiety Disorder

Do you know what an anxiety disorder is? or maybe you know someone who suffers from this? I bet you’ve heard it already but in case you’re not familiar with it yet, let me give you a brief definition of it.

According to an article from the National Institute of Mental Health, “Occasional anxiety is an expected part of life. But Anxiety disorder involves more than worry or fear. Anxiety does not go and can get worse over time.

There are actually lots of different types of anxiety. Let me name five of the major types of anxiety disorders. We have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder).

I know so many people in this world are suffering from anxiety disorder and everyone has their own triggers.

Now, how can you cope with an anxiety disorder?

Okay, a little bit of a disclaimer first:

I am no expert on this matter. I don’t hold any certificate or whatsoever. The advice that I’m going to give you comes from my heart as I also not exempted by this disorder.

The first advice is, talk to someone.

Opening up about the struggles that you have in yourself is not always easy, I know that for sure. But before you tell someone about your anxiety, qualify them first, cause if you just tell random people about it, chances are, they won’t take you seriously and it’s a hard reality. I personally think that a person who suffers from anxiety disorder doesn’t always need to have an adviser but a listener. I hope you can find that someone/thing that you can vent to. It may be in a family member, friends, your pet or your plant.

Secondly, as cliche as it may sound, Love Yourself.

How? Eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Do some exercises from time to time Like Zumba, yoga, martial arts, etc. or go on adventures like going on road trips, go to the beach, go to green parks so you can breathe fresh air. I mean we all have different ways of loving ourselves. Also, you have to learn to be unbothered by toxic people. You know, sometimes in our life, we need to let go of toxic people to get successful. Just mind your own business cause it’ll give you so much happiness.

The third advice I can give is to seek professional help. If you feel like you really need it, just do it. Mental health professionals can help you. It’s a process you have to trust. A therapist can help you a lot. Although seeing a therapist can be anxiety-inducing on its own, but it’s worth it.

There are plenty of answers you can find online about how to deal with anxiety, how to be less stressed out about things and etc. But this last advice I can give to anyone who’s reading this is to put God in the center of your life. Sometimes when a person with an anxiety disorder feels lost and at his/her lowest, tends to forget God and I’m even guilty about this. Just call his name and pray to him. “Cast your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7. Always remember that in everything we do, God is always with us. He is just guiding us. Just let go of the worries and let God.


Genesis 4:9 (NIV)
Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

This was Cain’s infamous reply when the Lord asked him about his brother, Abel. Come to think of it, do we really have to care about ‘our brother’ ~ family, friends, neighbours or even strangers? Do we have to think about them when we have troubles of our own? Do we really have to care about ~ what they eat, where they sleep, how they get by and etc.?

In today’s self-centred world, a lot might say ‘givers’ give away their happiness and fool themselves by giving away their hard earned bucks. Money that could be spent on their own pleasure and gratification. Money that could be saved for future investments for ones’ success and security.

However, every generous heart will definitely agree that giving gives them happiness. In fact, more than that, it gives them joy. Yes, we all have our own worries~ obligations, dues and debts to pay for. However, those who know the truth and believe God as their Faithful Father and the Great Shepherd will, without a doubt, still open their hands and help those in need. Trusting, that the Lord will provide for them and they shall lack nothing.

Experience the harvest of joy in giving. Become a sponsor today!

The little that you give today, determine someone’s tomorrow.

i Love Cam Sur!!!

Seeking for your next adventure? CamSur has it all!

Camarines Sur is widely recognized for its share of natural wonders that have made the province one of the most favorable destinations for nature lovers and adventurers. This beautiful province is host to several of the most remarkable attractions in the country.

We also known for its delicious food and delicacies. The Bicolanos love spicy foods which represent the diverse cultures that make up this humble but colorful region.They also use coconut cream in most of their recipes. The combination of hot spices and coconut cream is very enticing not only in the Bicol region but also in the entire Philippines.

Wearing too many hats. Choice or Decision?

Wearing too many hats. Choice or Decision?

Majority might think that the words decision and choice are the same. There is actually a difference between these two words. An article published by Forbes clearly tackles the Difference between deciding and choosing.

Part of our everyday life is to make decision and choice. The decision or choice we make will lead to either success or failure. We must carefully analyze every factor so we can come up with the best option as possible. We should always remember that distinguishing between decision and choice will make an impact in our lives no matter how small or big it is.

I still remember when I am  single all that matters to me are clothes, foods, friends, trips and my family. Being the youngest and the only daughter in our family, I always put my parents above anything else. I always make it a point that I’m present during doctor’s consultations or at least I can talk to the doctor via phone if I really can’t make it.  I love them and I have big plans for them once I become successful in my career.

There were a lot of challenges in my first career that it made me give up.  Fortunately, I was able to find a job that I like. It is something new to me and I am happy doing perhaps that’s the reason why I was able to climb up the corporate ladder. I experienced pains along the way yet I still managed to handle it because I love what I do. My bosses like me and my team adore me. Recognition given to me and the team became just a norm.

I am so relax with how well I managed my work and personal life. I am very confident that things will never change not until I became a mother.

Everything is happening perfectly to me. My life’s events are on track just the way I planned them to be;  from engagement, wedding and giving birth. I can say everything is a breeze because I have the best husband and supportive family.

Few week before I give birth, my boss asked me what will be the plan after my maternity leave. The “idealistic me” quickly answered, “we will just stay at my parent’s house and before my leave ends we will go back to the condo and look for a nanny. Sadly, it did not turn out the way I wanted it to be.

For 6 months, I worked on day shift and my husband worked on night shift. We had no helper so after work aside from taking care of my baby, I need to clean the house,wash dishes and pump milk. I breastfeed exclusively so I pump milk even during wee hours of the night because I needed to build my stash.

The set up that we had took a toll not only in our own careers but also to our health. I was always late and in a hurry. At the office, I crammed to meet deadlines. I passed the report and headed big projects without even checking if everything is correct. I am totally disappointed with my deliverable because I knew I can do better if I have ample time. In addition, my husband’s health was greatly affected too.

I resigned from my work and I became a full time house wife . It took me long to adjust to the “new me”. There was also a time that I pity myself and will do nothing but finish a whole box of  chocolate cookies in one sitting. Days passed that I will not take a bath and even brush teeth.  My self esteem and my weight decreased drastically. No one knows my predicaments except myself and I did not have plans of finding solutions for it.

One Saturday evening, while I was browsing my phone, I encountered this quote ” It is never too late to be what you might have been ” by George Eliot and I believe this paved the way for me to face reality and do something about it. I also realized that to find the real meaning of  happiness , we should start within ourselves.  Resigning from work entails a lot of consequences, it has pros and cons and it is just a matter of how you perceive things and how do you want to react on it.

I thought of the reasons why I resigned and it is all because of my loved ones. If they are happy and healthy so am I. The decision I made was carefully thought of and prayed for. It is my choice to choose them over my blooming career.

Now, I wake up with a grateful heart because I was able to do more. I never thought that giving up the corporate title will just open so many doors for me. I considered it a blessing that I was able to see things positively. Slowly, I turned my fears in to challenges, my weakness to my inspiration.

Now, I can wear different hats and give ample time for those roles without compromising the quality I would always like to deliver.

I am not a  manager now but at the end of the day I am  grateful that I am a mommy, wife, personal nurse of my father who is on dialysis, quality analyst to our family business and an entrepreneur. I might not be able to earn as much as before but the times I got to spend and help my loved ones  are truly incomparable.

It is not easy to give up work however priorities change over time and we need to weigh the pros and cons. My baby is growing fast, my husband is getting sickly and my parents need me more than ever.

Best flat shoes for women

Best flat shoes for women

Are you in search of the best flat shoes for any activity?

Every woman can surely agree that there must always be a pair of flat shoes in their shoe closet. No matter what the occasion may be, a pair of flats will always have a special place in a woman’s heart. Ideal footwear for warmer weather, these babies are an absolute favorite of every girl and woman. A pair of flats can cost as little as twenty-five dollars to as much as a couple of hundred dollars. Depending on the style and the brand of the shoe, you can mix and match whatever outfit that you have in mind. Women choose flat shoes as their preferred style of footwear because they are so easy to pair and style.

Now that we are done with the style portion for flat shoes, we move on to durability and comfort.

The Standing shoe Guide aims not only to let you know which footwear designs are in style now. Rather, we go at it with a more practical approach. By that, we do not just look at the style, we also consider the price, comfort, and durability of the shoe to give you the best flat shoes for women.

Here, we will tell you which shoes will give you the best value for your money. Among these factors will include the durability of the sole as well as the ability of the shoe to resist wear and tear. (let’s face it, flats are insanely comfortable. And if it were up to us, we would wear them every day, right?)

We will go through brand after brand and will give you our opinion on what shoes we think are best for you.


All around best flat shoes:

The Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-on Walking Shoe pair of shoes were made for walking. Made out of fabric, with a rubber sole, this walking shoe has an Ortholite cushioned footbed with an anti-microbially treated sock liner. It also has a Resalyte comfort foam midsole with a flexible outsole with GO impulse sensor. For people having to stand up for extended periods, this shoe is a godsend. Why? The extra padding offers the best support for your feet. This is considered as one of the best flat shoes for women on the go.

SKECHERS GOWALK 3 the best flat shoes for women


Next is the Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional. Comes with full-grain leather, microsuede, has a synthetic sole and even has a Scotchgard protector for stain resistance. It comes with exclusive anti-fatigue technology that offers all-day standing comfort leg and back support and superior shock absorption. This shoe also has a slip-resistant outsole that has an excellent grip in any conditions, allowing its wearer to move quickly and confidently.


Anne Klein Sport Women’s Ballet Flat with a synthetic sole, this shoe has a heel measuring three-quarters of an inch. These flats are perfect for the wearer who has to stand all day because it is built on a flexible unit construction with extra cushioning.  It also scores big on fashion at very affordable prices that are perfect for every woman out there.

best flat shoes for women on the go anne klein

The best flat shoes for work:

The Sketchers Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work shoe comes in black, with a synthetic sole that has memory foam. Designed for heavy-duty use, this pair also ensures durability, comfort, and ease. It comes with electrical hazard protection and has a slip-resistant rubber sole that will keep you on your feet. The wearers also report the remarkable performance of memory foam insoles. It also has good arch support, and it gives its wearer a worry-free experience where you will never suffer from blisters.

SURE TRACK - TRICKEL Best flat shoes for women on work









Another strong showing from Skechers, the Soft Stride-Softie made out of leather with a synthetic sole. This is a slip-resistant work shoe with athletic cushion and comfort with perforated paneling. The wearers report that this remarkably durable shoe lasts for over a year and a half despite heavy use. It feels like you are walking on a cloud because of its excellent support, lightweight, and reliable grip. And with its wide sole, your toes will never feel cramped ever again. When wearing this, walk with confidence knowing that you can move around without experiencing any pain or fatigue in your feet.

Sketchers Soft Stride-Softie best flat shoes for women on work








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The Crown of the confidently beautiful Filipina

Wearing too many hats. Choice or Decision?

Surigao City – A Place To Visit

Surigao City is one of the best destinations to visit in the Philippines having many best and diverse places and attractions to go to which is located in the Northern head of Mindanao.

Surigao City is the capital of Surigao del Norte, one of the provinces under the Caraga region.  It became a chartered City on August 31, 1970.

The natives speak Surigaonon as their native language.  It has a similarity with the Cebuano dialect, and Surigaonon is the most widely spoken language inherent in the entire Caraga region.

The city’s primary agricultural production includes rice, corn, vegetables, rootcrops, coconut, copra and bananas, where there are fertile agricultural areas surrounding the city.   It is a major supplier of fish and crustaceans. In addition, the city is near forested mountains which provide raw materials for various industries such as furniture and wood carving.

There are a lot of Festivals and special occasion celebrated by the Surigaonons, one of these are the following:

Pasayan Festival (September 10-11) – pasayan is the local word for shrimp, which is bountiful in the area. The city celebrates this festival through cook-off; highlights of this festival include shrimp eating contest, senior citizen backward marathon, palm wine (tuba) drinking contest and threading-the-needle contest.

Kinilaw Festival (October 2) – this festival showcases different styles in preparing kinilaw, a dish consisting of raw fish marinated in citrus, vinegar or coconut milk mixed with spices and served as an appetizer.

Bonok-Bonok Marajao Karadjao Festival (September 9) – this is a day-long festival marked by street dancing festivities featuring the ethnic Mamanwa tribal dance, commemorating thanksgiving after a bountiful harvest, worship of gods and tribal wedding.

There a lot of tourist destinations located in the City, but the most visited and nearest resort is the Mabua Pebbled Beach, the fees are quite cheap than other places.

There are a lot of  Surigaonon’s delicacies, some of the favorites are Barbeque, Dried Fish, Salted Fish called Poot-poot, Sayongsong (made up of cocomilk and grind rice), puto and suman, peanut delights. And Surigao City is blessed with bountiful fruits and vegetables.

Surigao City has the one of the world’s beautiful port for ships coming from Cebu, and Islands of Surigao del Norte.

How to get to Surigao from Manila?

To go to Surigao faster, you can book a flight to Surigao either via Cebu Pacific Air or Philippine Airlines. They have both direct flights everyday and it’s the fastest way to go to Surigao.

How to get to Surigao from Cebu by ferry?

 From Cebu, you will have to take a ferry boat to take you to Surigao. There are daily trips from Cebu to Surigao at 7pm and it will take at least 9 hours. Ticket prices ranges from 825 PHP for economy or regular ticket, 1200 PHP for business class and for a cabin for two, the price would be at least 3,500 PHP for the whole trip.

How to get to Surigao from Cebu by plane?

 From Cebu to Surigao by plane is only one hour flight and you can get great deals starting from 1,200 PHP. It’s the fastest way to reach Surigao.






Caretaker/Caregiver in Taiwan

I’ve been working in Taiwan for almost 3 years now as a Caretaker or Caregiver, my contract will end on September 22,2019 to be exact, And I decided not to continue or renew my contract.The duty of a caretaker or caregiver is to help older individuals who need assistance,help patients get dressed, eat, bathe and complete light housekeeping duties, such as dishes or folding laundry, others may provide basic health services such as monitoring patients’ pulses, respiration and temperature.Caretakers  are not covered by the Taiwan Labor Standards Law we don’t pay income taxes, labor insurance ,only National Health Insurance share and broker’s fee. There is a “brokerage system” in Taiwan, it was passed and it is a law.Taiwan Manpower agencies collect fees from the worker monthly for their services which is NT$1,800(php 2,952) for the first year NT$1,700(php 2,788) second year and NT$1500(php 2,460) for third year of service up until 12 years which is the working period in Taiwan.

The household service workers are protected by the provisions of their employment contracts, which depends on their employer.The total working period in Taiwan is 12 years only.  After their 12th year, foreign workers, including OFWs are not qualified to return to work in Taiwan,although lawmakers are looking to extend it up to 15 years. OFWs must undergo a mandatory medical examination within 3 days from arrival and within 30 days before or after the 6th, 18th and 30th month of employment. OFWs must apply for Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) immediately when reached Taiwan, however brokers are the one who applies for these under Taiwan’s Labor Standard Act, the minimum monthly wage is NT$23,000, but most caretakers, who are not covered by the law, earn only NT$17,000(php 27,790 base on the current rate) a month.

Batanes: A Paradise of Beauties and Thrills

Tired and bored of your daily routines in spite of long weekends? Then spend time with your loved ones. Appreciate the green rolling hills and sway with the waves of the West Philippine Sea and the vast Pacific Ocean in Batanes – A Paradise of Beauties and Thrills.

Let’s begin our journey to the northernmost province of Cagayan Valley, that is, Batanes – A Paradise of Beauties and Thrills


Image result for Basco Lighthouse


Admire one of the structures of Batanes in the island of Batan with Basco Lighthouse.  Situated on the rolling Naidi Hills, you can view the spectacular panorama of the Baluarte Bay, Basco town and Mt. Iraya.

That pink blob right there is me. Teehee.


Peace your soul with the alluring grass-covered hills, across the rugged seaside landscape of Diura Beach. You can hardly view the Tayid Lighthouse as the fluffy cloud overshadows its structure.

Image result for valugan boulder beach




Walking along the boulders of rocks while watching the graceful swaying of the waves of the sea? Be extra careful or else, you’ll get hurt.

Nakabuang Arch




Of all the beaches surrounding the island of Sabtang, you’ll love taking pictures with its most prominent feature known as Nakabuang Arch, that has become an icon of Sabtang and Batanes as a whole.

Image result for savidug village






Do not leave the island of Sabtang without visiting one of its pride! The Stonehouses in Savidug, covered by cogon roof, were built as the Ivatans protection against strong typhoons.


Batanes is not just notable for its natural beauty but also of its people, the Ivatans. For more information, click here http://www.ethnicgroupsphilippines.com/people/ethnic-groups-in-the-philippines/ivatan/




Though the waters  have a reputation of being rough, turbulent and frightening, still the voyage is safe, full of excitement.  But, here’s another adventure…a nerve wracking trip to


Don’t worry because you can escape the danger through the Itbayat Airport.



INERTIA DAY DREAMING: How I broke out of it.

Let’s define first what is an INERTIA DAYDREAMER. (This is not an official term that you can find on the Internet; this was just made up to describe a certain feeling.) When someone has a lot of hopes and dreams but never did anything to make it come true.

A day to day life of an inertia daydreamer could some scrolling through their phone looking at someone else’s Instagram account or binge-watching youtubers showing their newly bought house wishing that they have that kind of life but all that they do is just daydream about that life and do nothing to get that life.

Continue reading “INERTIA DAY DREAMING: How I broke out of it.”


Being a mother doing things every day over and over again. there’s a hard time as usual but if you’re happy with what you are doing its such a pleasure. most of the time I’m worried, angry, sad, crying a lot, laugh and smile because being a mother is triple workload than those who are going to the office every day.

Image result for working mother
And for being a mother you have also a goal, you want to help your husband in a financial matter. Somebody says that being a mother is like a superhero (Wonderwoman). you can do all the possibility as it can, being a mother you will always think how to help your kids for their school, their projects and also being a housewife thinking how to have an extra income. for some reason you just wanna prove yourself that you can do anything for family sake.
And now work from home is true, yes it’s true. There are people in the online world that will help you to reach your goal. First, you have a vision that someday that you will earn your own money.
Image result for alarm clock at 7

The alarm clock is for kids going to school, not for an early meeting in the office

Image result for heavy traffic
And the best of all is no to heavy traffic, commuting, traveling will ruin your day.
and now your totally a superhero Wonderwoman, because you can take care of your kids, husband and your house at the same time you can earn as much as you want.
You have to explore, research, self-study,  even paid course will help you throughout your journey of being not a mother but a freelancer.

Gadget Use for Kids: Is it Good or Bad?

Kids can be very difficult almost always. There is not a day when you can rest even for just 30 minutes uninterrupted. More so when you have so many chores on your list of “to dos”. Many parents look for a lot of ways to keep kids entertained specially during those busy days.

One of the most effective form of entertainment for kids is gadgets. It will keep them entertained for hours. But the big question is- Is it really good for the kids? Let us discuss the positive effects as well as the negative effects of gadgets to kids.


1. It can help them be entertained while the parent is busy like when they are outside and there are environmental risks like they may go out on the streets unsupervised or climbing somewhere dangerous or going with strangers. It can be pretty scary. Giving them a gadget will help them be entertained while you are busy and so you will not need to worry about checking in on the kid often.

2. It can help them in learning fast. There are so many things they can learn from the internet. From simple ABCs to nursery rhymes or to more complex topics like math and science. It can help them learn so much in a short period of time and make your life a bit easier.

3. It is fun! All kids want to have fun. There are hundreds of games one can download in their gadgets. They can choose any kind and any theme under the sun. There are also thousands of videos on Youtube and Facebook that can keep them entertained. Playing online games with friends can not only entertain the kids but adults as well.


However, research has shown so many negative effects of gadgets to kids. I will only talk about a few of those.

1. Problem with physical health. Kids can play on their gadgets for hours. They are so entertained that when the parent doesn’t put a limit to their use, it can cause addiction. They will not know how to stop. They will not care about their posture, or whether they have eaten, or if their eyes hurt already. This can cause a lot of negative effect on their health.

2. A psychological disorder that will arise because of gadget use is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome or ADHD. Kids with ADHD have problems focusing, they are fidgety and they can have a lot of problems at home and specially in school.

3. It can also cause depression especially with those who spends so much time comparing themselves to the false realities of social media. These kids also have a problem with their social skills. They become more and more isolated as they spend more time with their gadgets. A recent scare from parents was the MOMO CHALLENGE. There is this scary character that will just appear on the screen of the kids watching Youtube then give them challenges. It may sound harmless but the problem is with the kinds of challenges this character gives them. It can start from a simple disobedience to parents, then move on to making the kids hurt themselves to the worst which is making the kid commit suicide. This character knows the kids information and threatens to kill the kids parents or family members if they will not follow. There have been reports of kids committing suicide because of this challenge. How scary is that?

So what do we do as parents?

First of all for parents, no matter how busy you can be, you should be in control of your kids’ life. Don’t just give them gadgets and let them control how long they will use the gadget and the shows they watch. They should be given time limit and show limit. Much better if the parent has pre-watched the shows and just download it on the gadget. Do not give them control over the internet as it is very dangerous. A lot of crazy people in the internet can influence them.

Second, give them other ways and means of entertainment. There is nothing wrong with the “old school” ways of entertainment. Give them arts and crafts materials and let them be creative. It is good for them.

Third, let them explore nature. There are so many things to learn from nature. Teach them as well to take care of nature and how they can help maintain it.

Fourth, allow the kids to be bored. If the kids are bored, they will find ways to entertain themselves. Just make sure that they are in a safe place free from hazards that can harm them, let them play and be creative. You will never know what they can come up with.


In the end, it is still the parents’ responsibility to know what is good for their kids. Once in a while (and with limits), gadgets can be a big help. But if left unsupervised, it can cause a serious problem. So let us be vigilant as parents. And no matter how busy we can be, we should make them a priority and give them quality time.