Why E-sports have become a thing

Traditionally, Basketball Volleyball Soccer and Rugby to name a few are the famous physical sports yet always watch by many folks around the world.

but when technology got in. many youngsters up to people who are into technology really get to play their favorite games and got to develop games as well. And when we talk about games. quite a few people play their favorite games i mean who doesn’t love to play games sometimes especially when we get bored right? but game developers nowadays stepped up their game.

They have made games such as DOTA (defense of the ancient) LOL (League of Legends) Call of duty and Fortnite and many more. However these games that are being mentioned have their own respective developers.

Until some games such as DOTA and LOL have entered the Online tournament(E-sports). It later became very popular since these games are being played by many gamer across the world and i’m one of those actually, but then these games played by professional players globally and have form their own teams to compete internationally.

But hold on, it doesn’t end there since those games mentioned above can only be played thru PC and/or Gaming Laptop however, “Mobile Games” are becoming a thing right now and there’s a game that actually exists and are being played by most people in Southeast Asia by way of using their smartphones.

and this is Mobile Legends, this game can be played anytime( nope don’t play it during your shift at work) and anywhere for as long you get strong connection from your carrier if you’re using mobile data unless you’re connected to a WiFi.

Mobile legends had a tournament as well that took place way back 2017. The game has become popular in Southeast Asia and will be a medal event at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

My Top 2 Easy To Grow, Inexpensive Air Purifying Indoor Plants: Their Benefits & Care Tips

  1. Snake Plant ( Mother-in-Law’s tongue )

Price Range : Php 80.00 – 250.00

This sword-like leaf lady is very much easy to grow indoors. This is one of the toughest houseplants that can thrive indoor conditions. Unlike any other houseplants, Snake plants can be neglected a couple of days. Let’s say you will be in a vacation for a week or you’re too busy doing some stuff, this lovely plant can never feel displeasure if ignored. Just make sure to check it once you get back to see if it needs water already. Place it in a place to get morning sun at least once a week to maintain its color.

According to NASA experiment, Snake plants are one of the plants with more leaf surface area that purifies air. It releases oxygen and promotes the flow of oxygen which can affect your mood to feel less stressed and remove toxic chemicals at home. You can place one in the corner of your room. A study published that snake plant promotes sleep because it absorbs Carbon Dioxide at night time.

Kids Development thru Ipads

Now a day’s children are more exposed with the gadgets, not like in the first age children are used to play only in our back yards and playing unusual toys like cars, doll, and even anything that makes them handle. But when the millennial comes in children are more aggressive, advance and likely thinking matured. 

Are you agreed on letting your children to be a gadgets user and consuming their whole day focusing on it? Well, I think pacifying our kids using gadget’s much be in control, we parents need to put limitations on their usage. Especially when we see’s our children changes in their behavior! 

All types of gadgets like iPad, mobile and game devices might help them sometimes in their school research, activities or daily activities. There are good effects too in their lives in using those gadgets but we parents must have our own guidance to our children to avoid them in any harm that may cause or anything that may give them develop a bad mentality. 

Pagadian City ” Little Hong Kong of the South”

Pagadian City, known as the "Little Hong Kong of the South" for its mountainous terrain, is the capital of the province of Zamboanga del Sur and the regional center of the Zamboanga Peninsula
Pagadian City Rotonda

Pagadian City, known as the “Little Hong Kong of the South” for its mountainous terrain, is the capital of the province of Zamboanga del Sur and the regional center of the Zamboanga Peninsula.

This city has a port and fishing industry. The bus terminal is accessed easily and finding the right bus is easy. Cebuano/Bisaya and English are the languages spoken in Pagadian City and the Province of Zamboanga del Sur.  By bus- Pagadian can be reached from neighboring cities such as Dipolog, Ipil, Zamboanga, Ozamiz, Iligan and Cagayan de Oro by Rural Transit buses. By plane – Pagadian Airport (PAG IATA). Small airport with a 2,000 m (6,600 ft) runway that can only support small aircraft. Cebu Pacific and Cebgo has daily flights from Manila and Cebu, respectively.

The tricycles of the city became a trademark of Pagadian’s culture because of their exaggerated height compared to those in Zamboanga. This is designed for the city and neighboring municipalities because of its mountainous or hilly roads.

Best things to do in Pagadian City
Isla Putting Balas
Pulacan Falls

Isla Puting Balas Sandbars are trending right now and each province in the country seems to have a popular sandbar. Most sandbars are not very accessible and hard to go to, but Isla Puting Balas is an exception. How to get there? Ride a tricycle from the city proper and tell your driver to drop you off at Santiago Port. Ask the locals around the area for boats that you can rent going to the sandbar

Pulacan Falls Labangan is a nearby municipality from Pagadian City. We took a twenty peso bus ride and asked the driver to drop us near Pulacan Falls. After 20 minutes and a very steep ascent, the bus stopped nearby a military camp. As we alighted from the bus, we can hear the sound of water gushing from the falls which is just a few steps down the road. It was peaceful and quiet in Pulacan Falls. Trees, bushes and a worn out cemented lane paved the way to the water falls. It was a very beautiful waterfall with water gushing from different direction.

How to achieve your goals


What is your dream? What is your goal?

Is it to get rich and to never have any problem in money? Is it to find your true love? Work as a freelancer? Get your dream car?

Well what ever your goal is I know it is worth achieving it. But how can you get it if you don’t know how to do it? Or even, how can you stay and be motivated to fulfilling that dreams?

I’ve got one word for it.

Commitment image Commitment.

You must commit to achieve it. Having interest in your goal has a huge different from committing on it. Yeah, you’ve got interest in finding your true love. But can you commit in finding your true love? Interested in getting your dream car or getting rich? But are you committed in doing the process to achieve it?

Did you know that the word commitment actually scared other people? Why? because when you commit you take away a part of your life in doing something in exchange for that something you are longing for.

So how can you achieve your goal? you work for it and commit to the process. By then you wouldn’t notice that you are getting closer to your goal.

When you think of your goals and want to make it a reality. Always remember the word. Commitment.

even in the dictionary, commitment, it’s not just a word it’s an act.

Another thing to remind yourself.

Believe in yourself.

No one will believe in you at the beginning so you must believe in yourself first.

Trust in your process.

Even the smallest progress counts towards your goal. Appreciate it.

You will never lose your sight at your goal and you will achieve it effectively. Commit to your goals now and never turn back again. Always focus your eyes on the road and don’t get distracted by shiny objects.

Do you want to live in the past or in the present?

I hope to see you achieving your goals and living the life you wanted to be.