Parenting and Freelancing

One of the important tasks in human life, if not the most, is the nurturing work of the family. The necessary preparation is of paramout importance as it requires huge consideration on the aspect of emotional, spiritual and financial way of life. The foundational works of elders such as the grandparents and parents themselves play a significant role in moulding the necessary character of the upcoming generation in preparation for their becoming as inheritors and successors in the new era for leadership roles.

Parental responsibility is actually a teamwork of the loving couple and there are lots of concern to be attended to in order to satisfy all the needs of the growing family. If the husband and wife has had been able to secure enough financial foundation prior to engaging in marriage then there would have been not so much concern on the material side of family life. Especially if their business is just near to them and/or their workplace is just a few minutes away from their home. It would then somewhat easy for them to tackle all the necessary tasks for both on their work and to that of home.

There are many cases, however, in which couples do experience a hard way of life – the difficulty of coping with the financial needs due to unexpected circumstances or perhaps the inequality to availing of good opportunities in terms of job or any profession in the like. Even for those couples who have jobs on their own are not free from the anxiety of poverty as the rising costs of commodities inadvertently affect their economic life. The unabated rising trend of inflation makes the people’s mind hang in the balance, always.

The advent of internet has brought about milestone of changes in human life, in various field of work – so to speak. Freelancing is just one of the wondrous fruits that an internet has infused to man’s work. Any person, with the accumulated skills on hand, may apply for work as virtual assistant for those business owners in need of somebody on their behalf to do the job. With the availability of virtual assistant – the business owner can do other important work in his business or may just avail of any recreation, or perhaps tending his/her own family needs.

On the part of stay-at-home moms or dads, freelancing is the best option – as this kind of job will enable them to earn money while at the same time undertaking the tasks at home – especially in the nurturing of kids. With this kind of job at home, the children won’t be deprived of their emotional needs thus avoiding the unnecessary problems of juvenile in form. In my own experience, it is not just the spiritual or emotional aspect of life that a husband and wife must look after – equally imporatant is the financial freedom that a family should have enjoyed in order to experience hapiness in life, in and out. In our lives indeed, we need to be happy.


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