Parents, Not iPads, in Pacifying Kids

In pacifying kids, most parents nowadays hand over their iPads. And like magic, kids stop from their tantrums. Our kids are now engrossed to this device like they have a world of their own. We parents can heave a sigh of relief.

Once again, iPad solved our problems.

Or so we thought.

Doctors and psychologists all agreed that while iPads and similar device have helped humanity in achieving the kind of efficiency we now have, the effects of these to people, especially to kids, are alarming. The gadget is now considered today’s generation’s cocaine. The effects of iPads are now well documented to affect our kids’ brain, from acquiring autistic behavior to violent psychosis. That’s why these experts’ warning are heeded. Many kids’ experts encourage parents to steer clear from these devices in entertaining, educating, or even pacifying our kids as much as possible.

These experts are in agreement that we parents—with all our humility, wisdom, nuances, and humanity—can never be replaced by these gadgets in rearing our kids to be the best persons they can be. 









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