Pressure to Prayer in to Power

Pressure to Prayer in to Power

When every aspect of life seems to crush you, and the pressure is felt moment by moment. It will bring you at your knees because there’s no one that can help you but coming to God in prayer. The time you surrender to Him your concerns and embrace the process of working in your life, then you will experience His victorious power.

The Pressure Felt

After working for 12 years in the Middle East I decided to stay for good in my home country, the Philippines, My family agrees that it is time to be together after the longest time that we were apart. Planning to work locally was not easy especially looking for a job due to some considerations of my previous income, my qualifications, and other things. Months past without an income the pressure is felt that my shoulder becomes heavy everyday. Pressure on how I will provide for my family’s need. My situation of having no job, no income boils my character but praise God it brings me to my knees to come to the Lord in prayer.

The Prayer Answered

Many plans come to mind what job I should pursue or what I would do to generate an income. The book of Proverbs says, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but God purpose will prevail.” I ask for wisdom and God is very generous in answering my prayer. He gave me an idea to why not try to be a Virtual Assistant. Opportunity comes for me to know and enroll at VAbootcamp for my VA course. It was indeed an answered prayer, I enjoyed learning and doing the assignment of each topic. I believe that this is God’s plan-that He put me here at VAbootcamp to become a successful Virtual Assistant. 

The Power Revealed 

Seeking God’s kingdom first and submitting to Him in His processes He show things that I needed. God teach me to be humble while preparing me for the new possibilities of my career. He also, helped me to submit to the authority of VAbootcamp in their processes of equipping me to become a Virtual Assistant. Breaking through pressure I was placed in my life, I will persevere and rise to continue seeing another world of possibilities. Hard work is far more beneficial because the Lord is revealing His power. He is working on my attitude. He is working on my character. He is working on my abilities. He is working on my heart. He is working on me completing every lacking knowledge because there was no way God was going to present me to the world of Freelancer an unrefined, underdeveloped, unequipped.

After crushing me, God exercises His grace by allowing me to experience His equipping process to seek Him in Prayer so that His power will be revealed.

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