Review: Nestea Milk Tea

Looking for a way to make milk tea at home? The wait is over! Nestea now offers a Milk Tea mix for the local market that’s easy to prepare and easy on the budget at the same time.

Nestea Milk Tea is made from real tea leaves, so you can be sure that you’re getting the goodness of tea in every sip. Depending on your preference, you can make it hot or cold, and have fun mixing it with other ingredients such as milk and tapioca pearls.

The two most available variants of Nestea Milk Tea in the market are the Hokkaido-Style flavor (yellow packet) and the Wintermelon flavor (green packet); a third variant, the Thai-Style flavor, can only be found at select supermarkets. Of the two flavors, the Hokkaido-Style is the closest to anything you might order at the tea shop; the rich, smoky tea flavor cuts through the sweetness of the mix. The Wintermelon flavor is more on the sweet side, with a light color and a syrupy taste.

The biggest downside to Nestea Milk Tea is that it uses a lot of chemical ingredients, including the artificial sweetener Aspartame to keep sugar levels low. A closer look at the ingredients list shows that the “milk” used in the Milk Tea is actually a proprietary creamer blend that contains a blend of oils and proteins to mimic the texture of milk, which explains why the resulting tea often comes out with a muddy color. Blending it with actual milk might add calories, but it will definitely result in a richer-tasting brew with a more pleasing appearance.

Negatives aside, Nestea Milk Tea is a great way to enjoy milk tea at home without paying tea-shop prices. A sachet of Milk Tea will cost you around P9.50 -P10.00 for at least 250mL (as opposed to P100/liter at other milk tea shops) so it’s a good bargain in and of itself. Why not give it a try?

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