Sea side experience with my “X”

In my case, it was really surprising to meet my former girlfriend unexpectedly, But there’s even more surprising on that very rare moment with her.

Last month only when I accidentally met her at Baclaran area, She used to go there to buy some stuff for her business, She is also no longer a citizen here in the Philippines as she was already married to Taiwanese 7 years ago. Despite of a little nervous I never get shy to offer her my assistance in finding her stuff.

After about an hour, we’ve finally found what she needs but I invite her first for lunch and suggest to come back after. She just mentioned earlier that she really wanted to try seafood dish here in the country, I’m not familiar with the place but I previously heard about Seaside market and it’s only a pedicab away to get there. As we reached the place we see different kinds of fresh kinds of seafood on the ground floor which obviously a market area and we able to locate the restaurants at the second floor, I prefer to choose the bigger one to become us more comfortable and it’s also seem’s like we are the early bird of the day.

We get more excited when we see the menu they offer, the staff was very entertaining which made us try 6 different types of seafood; Alimango, Tanige, Squid, Oyster, shell food (forgot what it is) and Swahe. With their specialty listed on the menu, we order a half kilo per each type and its all serve after 30 minutes of waiting except swahe which I just order it late as additional. We really enjoyed the taste each serving, we also plan to invite some of our friends here in the future believing that this would be the perfect place for food trip and cheaper as I based it on their menu list it would only cost at about 1200 pesos.

And this is the moment which surprises me most, Upon receiving the bill having the amount of 2865 pesos, and finding out that there’s an additional 1700 charge for all fresh seafood which they took from the market and was only reflected on the receipt but not from the price reflected at their menu, and without telling us everything before we start making order especially they are aware that we’re having wonder at price for the first time. I don’t think it is reasonable on our part or at least they gave us a chance to choose our fresh seafood on the market.

Lesson received that day and sometimes its really hard to be a stranger in one place. I never start any arguments or even questioning the staff. We just request to take out the remaining food from my most expensive lunch ever and got another surprise, My “X” paid it all and we left the place with a smile.




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