Shipboard Employee’s Life at Sea

Welcome On Board!

Off duty

I’ve worked on a cruise ship for two years. Okay, salary is good and also traveling around the world for free but what is really like living on board a cruise ship?

Life on board a cruise ship is far from working in land compare to us working at sea. Sea-based working contracts are usually 6 to 11 months. It’s good to know that every year we can still go home and spend time with our loved ones.

Our life on a Cruise Ship

The most obvious difference is that we are living at sea instead of on land. Don’t expect it’s going to be smooth sailing even in a calm environment the ocean can be unpredictable. The Captain makes his/her announcement before every departure of the ship, on what to expect while the ship is sailing overnight. It’s whether we’ll have a nice starry night or the rough sea.

The living conditions for employees on a cruise ship, especially smaller ships, can be uncomfortable. Most often the non-officer crew shares a small room with one or two people. Some higher-ranking officers have single cabins. Cruise line crew cabins are in an area away from the passenger cabins.

Going to our cabin
Going to our cabin, Deck 1

Work Schedules and Personal Space

The schedule of a cruise ship crew member is another area that requires some adjusting. In my former Housekeeping Department, we worked 10 hrs./day, 7 days/week. Yes, I know it’s really tough however we also have twice a month time off.

Pool Attendant
A Pool Attendant

The cruise ship crews are happy to have a job which affords them such great benefits, travel and earning potential. When you finally finished your contract and now disembarking from the ship with your luggage going home is the best part of working on a cruise ship. 

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