Shokugeki no Soma Chapter Review: The Ice Queen


Shokugeki no Soma is my current favorite manga to read. I was so fascinated and hooked by how this manga portrays my love for food. I have watched some other cooking genre animes like Yakitate Japan and Cooking Master Boy, but for this manga/anime I would give it a 110% overall rating.

The story revolves around the adventures of a Yukihira Soma, a high school boy whose aim is to surpass his dad as a chef, in Japan’s top culinary school, Totsuki Academy. Here, he met Nakiri Erina, a young lady who is known in the culinary world because of her “God Tongue”. She is the heir to the Nakiri family, Japan’s most influential family in the culinary world. Any dish that she deems unworthy for the gourmet world might definitely end a chef’s career. In this series, I’ve seen the development of these two main characters.

In the recent chapter entitled “The Ice Queen”, the battle between Nakiri Erina and Akanegakubo Momo draws to a close. As Erina challenges Momo to taste her dish, Momo was irritated and said that her dish is only at 95 points because she chose to present a dorayaki instead of a soufflĂ© pancake. Erina insisted that she taste the dish first before making any judgments.

Upon tasting Erina’s dish, Momo was overwhelmed by the taste and the crowd was surprised to see the best pastry chef be captivated over someone else’s pasty dish. The secret to Erina’s dish was strained Greek yogurt. The judges were able to understand why she chose this ingredient and was terrified of Erina’s God-like knowledge of ingredients and taste. Still irritated, Momo insisted that she herself will decide whichever dish she thinks is cute or not. Erina acknowledged her feelings and told her she used to be like that. The reason she changed her views was because of Soma. Erina implied that is no longer a queen who sits at the top with arrogance.

Momo can’t help but be fully indulged with the dish. The judges gave their verdict and declared Erina the winner.

The chapter was a great show off of Erina’s character development from being the queenly, elite chef to someone who cooks simply from the heart. It has been over 200 chapters and finally, we’ve seen the Nakiri Erina that we want. It shows Soma’s influence in her and how she was able to break free from the doubts in her heart on what cooking she wanted to pursue.

Now that we’ve seen her improved, I will look forward to our queen’s next match.

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