Single Parenting, How Hard Is It?

Have you always wondered how a single mom who goes to work every day can still have the strength and passion to manage and prepare her child’s meal and evidently, given a little bit more spare time, can still clean the house, do laundry and all that… Whoa what a supermom! Even after doing all these by herself, she still manage to look vibrant and awesome with no shred of brokenness or emptiness in her as if, yeah she does look so tired and all that, but it really doesn’t show at all and that for her, it just looks like she had a very normal long day. Nothing’s really wrong just normal. I mean just wow!

A single dad that leaves the house early every morning. Leaving his child to be taken care of by some trusted relatives. Does the usual routine of work at the office and yet, despite the tiring extra workloads, still has the enthusiasm and excitement to see his child. Can’t wait to return home with some newly bought surprise toys for his son. Always excited to have a moment for some father-and-son quality time before going to bed. After all that he’s still not at all tired and can still have an ample amount of time to have a relaxing beer sesh with his old pals. Amazing isn’t it? Let me meet one please!!

How do they handle all this? How was it to act normal thinking like there’s nothing wrong? You’re like saying, “This is me so get on with it or get over it”.
It’s incredible how they act so tough, even if there’s something missing literally. How they manage the day to day struggle if they’re going to make it or the thought of their child missing their daddy/mommy when their gone and have they even thought of the repercussions later regarding the time missed?

I admire and salute how they do it. It’s a tough world out there and almost everybody has a lot to say about anybody. The courage to choose that path is way too impressive. All I can say is WOW! I definitely am so proud of you. Your toughness is such an inspiration not only to others but most especially to your children who see you as an example. It’s a priceless act of love, an act that your children will treasure for as long as they’ll remember.

A plaque of appreciation for all the single moms and dads out there!

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