Did Someone Cheated on you? Whose fault do you think it is?

Did someone cheat on you once? its “OK”. twice? it’s “ACCEPTABLE”. Thrice? its “ENOUGH” It’s not a coincidence. Whose fault do you think it is? of course its…


Most of us will always blame the person who cheated on us WITHOUT questioning ourselves WHY. WWWHHHHYYY???

I don’t know your situation, that’s why I don’t know the reason why he/she cheated on you.

But I’ll give you some common Reasons why they cheat.

Most Common Reason Why People Cheat

1.) TIME – Your not the Guy/Girl that used to be when you started dating, Where most of your time is in her/him. Always put TIME on your Relationship

2.) ATTENTION – Your full attention is not on her/him anymore. Maybe you have a TIME to your relationship But the attention is not there. then Goodluck!

3.) SELF FOCUSEDWe’re not focused on our partners anymore.Did you notice when we were started dating someone that you really like? We always ask them what they want to eat, what place they wanted to go, what movie they want to watch? and Etc. When the time goes by, we tend to focus what we want and not to our partners anymore.we become SELFISH

4.) NO MORE EXCITEMENT AND THRILL – Maybe you already know this one, This is what happens when you are Too Predictable, No surprises at all, you’ll become a boring person.

5.) SEDUCERS – Maybe this is new to you, but there is a lot of Seduction community in every country right now, and they are very good at seducing people. Hope your partner will not be targeted by this Seducers.

6.) LONGING – This is only applicable to those partners don’t see each other for a very long time, or let say they miss something about their partner that they found it onto someone else.

7.) SELF-EXPLORATION – This could be sexual desire or once in a lifetime experience.

Actually, you can find more on google or some of the please click here

Persons that hard to Seduce

After 3 years spent reading books and experience, there are 3 types of  person that is hard to SEDUCE

1.) Contented Persons – you’ll know if someone is already contented with their current partners because even how gorgeous or handsome you are they will just greet/treat you like a normal person. It’s like if someone flirting with you and your response would be like ok, casual communication, nothing special, your heartbeat will be just normal. Nothing at all. But when you are not Contented you’ll be pleased, thrill, you’ll be filled with excitement, your heartbeat will beat faster, etc.

Contented Couple

2.) Busy Persons – Their Mindset is focused on too many things that even how beautiful/gorgeous you are, they will just give you a slight attention and booom that’s it. They will focus again on their jobs, goals, etc.

Busy Persons

3.)IDIOTS – I capitalized this because this is the hardest person to seduce and you’ll waste your time seducing this kind of persons, they will not appreciate your effort, even think of you, they will just gonna use you, even how good you are in seduction it will be useless. Because love is a mind manipulation IF your target is an IDIOT they will not use their minds they only focused on what catches them, and if they become bored? they find another one,

Sign of Idiocracy, Living in a Social Media World

Is Love a Mind Manipulation?

Will you fall in love with someone without using your Mind? Try NOT to think about your loved one’s good deeds, character, and all of the things that you like form her/him and you’ll know the answer.


If your serious making your partner stay, learn how to seduce, read his/her body language, always have time, be unpredictable, surprises, be more open, etc.

To learn seduction, Reading is not enough!

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