Summer Days

Many of us thinking a lot of things to do during this season.  Kids are the most excited because it is the start of their vacation from school. This is the best time to visit your province, reunion with your family and explore beautiful places like Boracay and Palawan.  You can also go to a nearby resort to enjoy with family and friends or even put up a portable swimming pool in your yard then, Viola! Feels like you’re in a resort with barbecue on the side.

I remember when I was in grade school, I was really excited whenever summer came. No waking up early to go to school, no assignments to make, sleep late at night, and finally see my cousins again. My cousins and I mostly spent our summer in my Lola’s house to spend time with her as well. She always cooked our favorite food and spoiled us all the time. We even visited our great grandmother in Batangas where we stayed for couple of days. Reminiscing my summer days when I was young feels nostalgic. I will always treasure the memories that we had as we are all grown up and most of my cousins have their own families.

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy, relax and have fun!

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