Surigao City – A Place To Visit

Surigao City is one of the best destinations to visit in the Philippines having many best and diverse places and attractions to go to which is located in the Northern head of Mindanao.

Surigao City is the capital of Surigao del Norte, one of the provinces under the Caraga region.  It became a chartered City on August 31, 1970.

The natives speak Surigaonon as their native language.  It has a similarity with the Cebuano dialect, and Surigaonon is the most widely spoken language inherent in the entire Caraga region.

The city’s primary agricultural production includes rice, corn, vegetables, rootcrops, coconut, copra and bananas, where there are fertile agricultural areas surrounding the city.   It is a major supplier of fish and crustaceans. In addition, the city is near forested mountains which provide raw materials for various industries such as furniture and wood carving.

There are a lot of Festivals and special occasion celebrated by the Surigaonons, one of these are the following:

Pasayan Festival (September 10-11) – pasayan is the local word for shrimp, which is bountiful in the area. The city celebrates this festival through cook-off; highlights of this festival include shrimp eating contest, senior citizen backward marathon, palm wine (tuba) drinking contest and threading-the-needle contest.

Kinilaw Festival (October 2) – this festival showcases different styles in preparing kinilaw, a dish consisting of raw fish marinated in citrus, vinegar or coconut milk mixed with spices and served as an appetizer.

Bonok-Bonok Marajao Karadjao Festival (September 9) – this is a day-long festival marked by street dancing festivities featuring the ethnic Mamanwa tribal dance, commemorating thanksgiving after a bountiful harvest, worship of gods and tribal wedding.

There a lot of tourist destinations located in the City, but the most visited and nearest resort is the Mabua Pebbled Beach, the fees are quite cheap than other places.

There are a lot of  Surigaonon’s delicacies, some of the favorites are Barbeque, Dried Fish, Salted Fish called Poot-poot, Sayongsong (made up of cocomilk and grind rice), puto and suman, peanut delights. And Surigao City is blessed with bountiful fruits and vegetables.

Surigao City has the one of the world’s beautiful port for ships coming from Cebu, and Islands of Surigao del Norte.

How to get to Surigao from Manila?

To go to Surigao faster, you can book a flight to Surigao either via Cebu Pacific Air or Philippine Airlines. They have both direct flights everyday and it’s the fastest way to go to Surigao.

How to get to Surigao from Cebu by ferry?

 From Cebu, you will have to take a ferry boat to take you to Surigao. There are daily trips from Cebu to Surigao at 7pm and it will take at least 9 hours. Ticket prices ranges from 825 PHP for economy or regular ticket, 1200 PHP for business class and for a cabin for two, the price would be at least 3,500 PHP for the whole trip.

How to get to Surigao from Cebu by plane?

 From Cebu to Surigao by plane is only one hour flight and you can get great deals starting from 1,200 PHP. It’s the fastest way to reach Surigao.






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